How to use ProXPN VPN service

With the number of VPN services available online, the ProXPN VPN service has been one of the names mentioned by many for providing the best and the cheapest VPN service in the online. If you have never used VPN software provider, the VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This service provides you the best way to access the internet without being detected ad spied by your internet provider service. If you use the internet for some private usage or classified usage such as bank transaction, you may need to have this kind of service.

How does one use the ProXPN VPN service?

The first thing that you need to do if you want to use the ProXPN VPN service is to sign up your name first and get your username from the website. The website will provide you with the username and password that you can use to access the service later on. After that, you have to download the app from the website and install it on your computer that runs Windows or Mac. You can also download and install the app onto your mobile devices such as Android devices or iOS devices.

The next thing that you have to do for using the ProXPN VPN service is that you have to connect the device to the network of ProXPN using the app that has been installed on that device. The instruction of how to connect is very simple because you need to open the app, fill in the username and password, and you are ready to connect by selecting one out of a number servers provided and you are ready to browse the internet without worrying that the ISP will detect your activity.

How much does the ProXPN VPN service cost? 

The ProXPN VPN service provides you the unlimited data transfer for free. Yes! You get it correctly! You do not need to pay anything for using the service unlimitedly. However, you may find some limitation if you use the service for free. For example, you are not able to use it for torrent downloading or uploading. In addition, Android and iOS devices are not supported by the free account.

If you want more access to the ProXPN VPN service, you need to have the premium account that will only cost you less than $7.00 per month. With this plan, you have the ability to use torrent and many iOS and Android devices with your ProXPN. If you know how to use a ProXPN coupon code, you will pay less.