How to find extra money

The average American feels like they are strapped for cash. Their income barely covers their expenses, and rarely leaves room for anything extra. Thus, finding "extra" money is quite a challenge. There are a few ways you can come up with extra money. You can earn more by doing side jobs, etc. or you can find ways to cut your current expenses, thus creating money availability from what you already earn. Let's look at a few examples you can use to find extra money in your income:

1. Save lose change. Sometimes people look at change like free money, they do not put it toward anything useful, and many do not bother with it at all. But every little bit helps, and it can add up fast. Instead of disregarding lose change, try saving it in a jar, and once every few months convert it into bills, then save those bills.
2. Curb the eating out. Look at your current lifestyle, do you eat out a lot? Try cutting back by ten percent or so. If you spend an average of $25 each time you eat out, and you are eating out 8-12 times a month, you could come up with an extra $25 or more by staying in one of the times. As you get better at eating in, you will save even more.
3. Cut down your subscriptions and memberships. One way to find extra money in your current income is to get rid of some of the extra in your subscriptions, memberships, etc. For example, if you have a family pass to the recreation center, but only Dad is using it to work out, cut it down to a single membership and pay as you go if your whole family wants to go. If you have a television package, eliminate some of the premium channels, or opt for a smaller package. Why pay for extra channels you aren't even watching anyway? Try reducing the minutes on your cell phone plan, or get rid of your data plan and just use free wifi, which tends to be in a lot of places. These are all ways to save on existing stuff.
4. Get healthy. Sometimes the best way to find extra money is by changing a few habits. For example, cutting soda out of your diet, can also free up a lot of money. The same holds true for reducing alcohol consumption, eliminating those prepackaged and processed foods, etc. Fruits and vegetables are only more expensive if you buy too much and waste them.
5. Pay your bills on time. A great way to find extra money is to stop spending extra on things like late fees, overdraft fees, etc. Avoid fees by paying on time, maintaining minimum balances, and staying on top of your financial situation.

These are just five examples of how you can find extra money in your current income. Look for more ways you can save, and make those little changes that will lead to a healthier financial future.

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