Best exercises to lose stubborn thunder thigh fat


For women in particular, the thighs are one of the most troublesome spots to lose weight from. Fat tends to settle there, giving the appearance of thunder thighs or saddlebags.

While you can't spot reduce without liposuction, you can lose stubborn thunder thigh fat through a combination of a healthy diet and the right exercises. Not only will you lose weight in the thighs, but all over your body as well.

The best exercises for losing stubborn thunder thigh fat are cardio workouts that get your heart pumping to a certain rate (about 80% of 220- your age) for a minimum of 30 minutes 5 times each week. The following are some of the best exercises to get rid of the fat that has settled around the thighs:

Stair climbing.

If you have access to one, the StairMaster, or similar machines, are great for both toning the legs and thighs while trimming fat from them at same time. For best results, don't hang on the handles while you climb. You can also take up step aerobics. This form of aerobics was invented in the 80s and is still popular because it is so effective in toning not just the butt, but the entire lower half of the body as well. If you don't have a gym membership, you can run up and down stairs, which will provide you with an equally effective workout.


Jogging is probably the best exercise for losing fat all over the body. Running effectively burns fat all over the body, including the stubborn thunder thigh area, by getting the heart rate up quickly and burning a higher number of calories than many other exercises. If you take up running, it's important to invest in a good pair of running shoes. Many of the injuries associated with running can be remedied or prevented with a well-fitting pair of running shoes.


Biking is a good cardio exercise, particularly for people whose joints aren't up for running or other high impact exercises. This exercise works to burn fat throughout the body while toning the legs as well. Exercise bikes are particularly helpful for toning the lower body and getting rid of the stubborn thunder thigh fat, as the intensity and level of resistance can be adjusted accordingly, providing a more challenging workout.


Walking is a good exercise for beginning exercisers who want to get rid of their thunder thighs. Free and easy on the joints, walking is a good alternative to running because it doesn't place the same stress on the joints. You can also tone up your entire body and increase the intensity, making it a better fat-burning workout, by speed walking or walking uphill. Make sure you're not just taking leisurely strolls, however - in order for it to burn fat around the thighs, your heart rate needs to be up for at least 30 minutes.


Some people just don't like the idea of working up a sweat or pounding along a pavement for a half hour. If you fall into this category and you have access to a pool, swimming may be for you. This is a full-body workout that will burn fat from all over your body while toning up your muscles as well. Swimming is good for those with joint problems, as there is no impact.

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