Fluoride, can it really help your teeth and bones?

Fluoride is in nearly 50% of the water in the US and in 50 % of bottled water, but can fluoride really help your teeth and bones? This is a greatly debated issue right now. Since the 1940's fluoride has been accepted as the best way to prevent tooth decay. But there are some medical researchers that have found there may be side effects to too much fluoride.

When fluoride was introduced to the masses of the public as a way to prevent or slow tooth decay, they weren't all wrong. The cells in the body use fluoride to make teeth and bones stronger. Most kids need some fluoride to help prevent cavities is their young permanent teeth. This is largely because kids usually consume a lot of sugar and neglect brushing and flossing their teeth.

There a re a few ways to get the fluoride to help make bones and teeth stronger. There are forms of fluoride that range from fluoride in the water to prescription pills, to treatments by the dentist. This fluoride really does help the teeth and bones become stronger and more fortified. Fluoride is most likely in the water you drink and also in the toothpaste you use and this is usually enough fluoride for most people. When fluoride is used regularly it hardens the enamel on the teeth. It is a common caution to get the right amount of fluoride, because too much fluoride can cause tooth discoloration. Although with all the research done on fluoride, those with what is called tooth fluorosis or discoloration, have a higher resistance to tooth decay.

Most research does indicate that fluoride has been a great factor in the major decrease of tooth decay in the last 50 years. To make fluoride really help the teeth of most people, it was put in water 1 part to 1 million parts to maximize the reduction of tooth decay but minimize the appearance of tooth discoloration. Fluoride helps bones by increasing the bones mineral density. This reduces the risk of bone fractures and strengthens the bones of the body. This is especially helpful with elderly people. Fluoride is not the only cause of bone mineral density, calcium and vitamin D, which are typically used in research, aid in the strengthening the bones.

Then there are those that are against fluoride. These people have done their own research and believe the mass use of fluoride has contributed to immune system alteration, genetic damage, thyroid dysfunction and even cancer. This is a backed by the fact that fluoride is a gas and poisonous to the body. There are claims that fluoride is an industrial waste because it comes from fluorosilicic acid and therefore bad for the body in any amount. There have been a few accidents in the United States concerning the amount of fluoride put into public water. These accidents have resulted in fluoride poisoning and many people believe they were not accidents. They believe that the fluoride put in the water can poison anyone.

Then there are those that have researched the side effect of fluoride and believe that a lot of fluoride contributes to bone damage. This is backed by a research done in Morocco. The study deduced that the fluoride reduces the magnesium in the bones, which makes them harder.

Whether fluoride really can help your teeth and bones would be up to your individual thoughts. It has decreased the amount of tooth decay in the cities that have put fluoride in the water. But there are a few side affects which some feel are not worth the use of fluoride. Fluoride used in proper amounts will usually have more benefit than problem.

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