How to get your hair to stay curled all day long

Sometimes a woman spends a long time in the morning getting just the right curl in her hair. Then as the day progresses she is forced to see herself with droopy, limp hair that has little or no curl. So how to get your hair to stay curled all day long is very important to many women.

It doesn't matter if you have a little natural curl or if you have tried hard in the morning to get the perfect curl, the point is that you want the curl all day long. So to begin with, there are a few things to do to your hair when getting ready in the morning. Then there are a few tips to do during the day so your curls will stay throughout the day.

The first thing anyone with curl needs to remember is to keep the cuticles of the hair hydrated. This means don't let your scalp get dry. To keep your scalp from drying out, try one of the many products out on the market today to hydrate them. Some of these products like, Avon's Advanced Techniques line will keep your curls healthier. Healthier curls will stay in longer because they are not stressed and dried out. Hair that is hydrated can retain the curl for a longer period of time, with less hairspray.

Hairspray is one product that many people will say to use to get your hair to stay curled all day long. While hairspray does work, too much can be hard on your hair. Use hairspray to keep the curl in and enjoy the look you have done for yourself throughout the day. Hairspray will work better, if you can refrain from touching your hair. As you touch the hairspray it looses it's strength and will let the curl go limp.

When you want your curled hair to stay curled all day long, you need to get some curls that start out good. If you have a perm, let the curls air dry when you can. This will reduce the frizz look of lost curls and will help the curl stay all day. If you have curls by use of a curling iron, put in some mouse or scrunching gel before you curl. Also try not to use the clamp on the curling iron as that will dry out the hair and dried out hair will not keep it's great curl look. When you get your hair curled with hot curlers the key to keeping it curled all day is to leave the curlers in for 30 minutes. This will maximize the curl and not risk fried hair.

It is hard to keep you hair curled in high humidity also. This is weird because you'd think with all the humidity your hair would be hydrated. The key here is to use some gel or mouse to keep the curl where you want it before your hair dries

How to get your hair to stay curled all day long when you have to blow dry it is pivotal on using a diffuser. The diffuser will spread out the air and dry the hair slower and more gently. Use a diffuser on low with cool or warm heat. The diffuser will let the curls keep their shape and not straighten them out. This is important for those that have permed or naturally curled hair and want it to stay curled all day long.

How to get your hair to stay curled all day long will take some products and work. Start with products meant to hydrate your curls. Use hairspray, gel and other styling products to help the curl retain its shape. When you need to use curling products or blow dryers, try to not dry out the hair or get the hair fried. Letting curled hair air dry naturally is the best for the curls to keep their shape all day long.

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