The Best & Worst Supplements To Help You Look & Feel Years Younger!

First and foremost, buy a juice machine. Our food supply today is dramatically depleted of all the vitamins and minerals out there. And when juicing look for organic produce. Organic vegetables have ten times the nutrients as non-organic and also has none of the poisonous residues of the chemical fertilizers or pesticides or fungicides that the farmers now use.

If you want to look and feel younger, you absolutely must, in my opinion, constantly infuse your body with life- and energy-packed raw organic vegetables.

Unfortunately, the soils are so depleted, that even if you get organic vegetables, they've got less nutritional value than the same produce had 50 years ago.

So there's really only one solution in my mind. You've got to eat a lot more organic raw vegetables OR you could simply get a juicer and juice them so that it's not so much hassle, because when you ask somebody to eat that giant quantity of vegetables, they immediately shut you out and they immediately say, Hey, this is just way too much, you're asking too much. Getting the right kind of juicer allows you to throw four, five, six salads into a machine and get one cup of juice, in which you're getting all the nutritional benefits with the exception of the fiber.

If you don't have time to juice or you don't have access to a good variety of raw, organic vegetables, then get yourself a high-quality greens drink. One that's a hundred percent organic and derived from alkaline sources. Avoid those that have things on the label that may be acid producing like seaweed.

You see your body's deficient in vitamins, minerals and in enzymes and co-factors.

That's a fact!

That's one of the main reasons why your body has such a hard time maintaining your youthful appearance and also rebuilding and reenergizing yourself every day.

There's just no way to get all the nutrients you need by eating food. You would have to literally eat 10 to 20 times the amount of food you're eating now, and it would all have to be organic. There's just simply no way you're getting these nutrients unless you're doing everything that we're speaking about in this special series of newsletters.

And we need all that nutrition in order for our body to operate the way it was designed to operate and to live a long, healthy life as we were intended to live.

The best way to get all this needed nutrition is by making fresh vegetable juices at home and then drinking them immediately after making them. Because once you make them, they begin to digest themselves, and they begin to lose their nutritional value. Drinking them immediately allows all that life force that you just broke down to be absorbed immediately into your blood and to begin benefiting your system.

But I also suggest taking a whole foods supplement like a greens drink. If you need help finding a high-quality, affordable greens drink, one that's pleasant don't want to get something and just hate the taste of it and then never use it. I've had my team post on my website a link that you can use to get the one that I personally use right now. This link is also in your handouts if you've purchased a copy of the full audio program. But if you need it again, just email my assistant, Emily. You can email her any questions you have about this program - her email is also on the handouts you got if you bought the full audio program. In fact, you could get access to almost all the supplements right on that site that provide a good nutritional foundation for healthy, young-looking, energetic skin.

But one that's not on the list and that's extremely helpful in improving your elasticity of your skin and the firmness of your skin, is omega fatty acids.

There's several different omega fatty acids. We're going to talk about two of them right now because these 2 have the most profound effect on what we're discussing today.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids...

Omega-3 fatty acids are strong anti-oxidants. They fight off all the effects of free-radical damage like stress, pollution, all the effects that they have on your skin and on your internal organs.

Omega-6 fatty acids, on the other hand, have been shown to have a positive effect on lowering your low-density lipoproteins (those are the bad cholesterols) and lowering your triglycerides, while increasing your high-density lipoproteins (your good cholesterols).

Both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have a strong, positive effect on your brain function and your mood as well. If your diet is deficient in fatty acids then wounds don't heal properly, plus you're far more susceptible to infection, and your face and your body become dehydrated, sterility could occur in men, miscarriages could occur in women, arthritis-like problems could arise, and aging is accelerated.

The best source of these fatty acids are:

1. Wild Alaskan salmon which is chuck full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as all the supporting nutrients that allow your body to absorb them quickly and easily.

2. Mediterranean extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil is the second best.

3. If you can't get the salmon in, get the Mediterranean extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil into your diet. If you can't get either one of those two in, then get yourself a high-quality supplement, one that contains not just omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, but also a few other of the fatty acids that your body absolutely needs in order to recover on a regular basis.

Those are really all the supplements you need to have spectacularly healthy, radiant skin!

I'm not a supplement salesman, although I try to provide you with helpful link to get the supplements I speak about in my newsletters. I don't make a living selling supplements like many health authors out there - so this is the honest truth!

If another so called expert attempts to tell you that you need other supplements that you can't get from juicing or from the eating fresh wild salmon, then look deeper - find out if their company makes their own supplements - most of the time they're simply trying to get you hooked on buying their products.

Once again, I wish you the absolute best in making progress this week. Each week I try to give you access to another technique from the full audio program that I believe will make a profound difference in your appearance - but please bear in mind that there is NO WAY that I can go into as much detail in a simple article as I did in the audio program - get your copy today.

Christopher Guerriero Founder/CEO: The National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center Author/Speaker/Coach Developer of the "Maximize Your Metabolism" System

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