Tips for getting whiter teeth.

When looking for tips to get whiter teeth try to remember four things. First, there is always the choice to have a dentist whiten them. Second, there are toothpastes that can whiten. Third, whitening strips to use as home. Forth is to use whitening gels at home. All of these are options that do help your teeth get whiter. Each has a different time to have the whitening on your teeth and each has a different shade of improvement.

  1. Have a dentist whiten them.

  2. Get toothpaste to help whiten daily.

  3. Whitening strips.

  4. Whitening gels at home.

The easiest way for a person to get his or her teeth whitened is to have someone else do it. So go to the dentist. The dentist can give whitening treatments in about an hour and teeth will be 4-6 shades lighter. This is done right in the dentist chair and some insurance will pay a portion. The dentist can get whiter teeth after just one visit and if a patient wants to return they can get even whiter teeth.

Teeth get dingy and yellow looking because of the food we eat. Age also has an effect on how white teeth do not look anymore. People like to look and feel their best, which is why they choose to whiten their teeth. Going to the dentist for getting whiter teeth is safe and done every day by millions. The dentist will use precaution and isolate the gum and teeth area and then apply gel containing 15-35% hydrogen peroxide.

Get toothpaste to help whiten teeth. When teeth are not so bright and white anymore, one thing a person can try is to use toothpaste. There are toothpastes that are designed for whitening teeth. These toothpastes which are mostly available in every brand have whitening products in them like baking powder and hydrogen peroxide to help whiten teeth a little each day so over a period of time teeth do get whiter.

These toothpastes take a longer period of time than the dentist's treatments. This is because the toothpastes are getting teeth whiter little by little each brushing and when the tube of toothpaste is gone teeth have been whitened a shade or two, maybe more. With the dentist teeth get a longer concentrated treatment. The dentist will cost more than a tube of toothpaste. Which tip is used will depend on each individual preference.

Whitening strips are the third tip for getting white teeth. Whitening strips are available in grocery stores and pharmacies. They are simple strips with whitening power, hydrogen peroxide, to whiten teeth a little at a time each day. Users need to put them on for about 5 minutes a day and in about 2 weeks teeth will be whiter, usually 1-3 shades whiter.

The forth tip for getting white teeth is to use whitening trays. These trays come prefilled with a typical 21% hydrogen peroxide. Users put these trays of gels on their teeth. It is the same gel used in dentist offices. The gels are put on teeth for 45 minutes a day for a week and teeth usually get 2 shades whiter.

Sometimes the gels can be a bit messy, but they do get teeth whiter and are less expensive than the dentist treatment.

The four main ways for getting whiter teeth are: the dentist, toothpaste, whitening strips and whitening gels. They are all different to use but they all use hydrogen peroxide or other whitening products to whiten the teeth. All four products will whiten teeth, the varying times for having the product on the teeth and the different shades of lightening will depend in what a person needs accomplished.

hey would like them to look. There are makeup tips that a woman can do to get her eyes to look bigger. Some of them are, putting white on inside of the eyes, brush soft creamy colors along eye lid and up and out to a diminishing effect, white eye liner, put mascara on the bottom eye lashes, use fake eyelashes, reshape your brows- get rid of stray brow hair and add an arch. Let's take a look at how to use these techniques:

White on the insides of eyes. This technique uses a white eyes shadow it doesn't matter which type, matte, iridescent, sparkly. But use the white eye shadow just in the inside of your eyes close to the inside corner of the eye and up towards the eyebrow. This lighter color allows the eye to appear bigger and more open.

When trying to make eyes look bigger it is better to use a lighter eye shadow on the eyelids rather than a dark eye shadow color. Brush a soft creamy color along the eyelid and up and out to a diminishing effect. By using lighter colors once again it makes the eyes look bigger and more open. It is okay to add a little darker color down lower on the eyelid if wanted. The eye will still look bigger than if a dark color of eye shadow was used all over the eye. Keep the darker color below the crease.

White-eye liner. Use white eyeliner on the bottom of the eye. Spread it from the outside corner then in towards the inside corner in a diminishing effect. With a darker shade of eyeliner on the top of the eye the white in the bottom makes a big difference on the look of the eye. Don't put the eyeliner all around the eye, it closes in the eye and makes it look smaller. Keep a space between the liners. Try some white eyeliner in the top on the eyelid very close to the eyelash line after a darker shade has been put on. It might be just what the eye needs to look bigger.

Put mascara on the bottom lashes. If this isn't already being done try it. The eye opens up a lot when there is mascara on the eyelashes and that includes the bottom lashes. Keep the mascara smooth and not blotchy. Keep mascara on the bottom to a minimum. Black mascara is not the only mascara color out there. There are nice browns and navy blues that work very well with opening up the eyes and makeing eyes look bigger. The black can sometimes make the eyes look heavy and small.

Fake eyelashes. Getting individual fake eyelashes can add to the defining features of the eyes. Individual fake eyelashes increase the volume of the eyes and make them look bigger. Be careful where to put them and it may prove beneficial to have a professional do it the first time and show you what to do. There are also the half coverage fake eyelashes. These are cut to about half the length of the eye and then put on the outer edge of the eye. This too will open the eyes and make them look bigger.

Even though the eyebrows are not a part of the eye, they are a part of the eye area and having well groomed eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger. To start with get rid of stray brow hair. Use some tweezes to pluck out the little ones on the underneath part of the eyebrow. It is also possible to add an arch; this may need to be done in a salon the first time to get it done correctly. Once there is the line of a nice arch and stray brow hair is gone it will be easier for you to keep up the look and give your eyes a bigger, more substantial look for your eyes.

When you want to make your eyes bigger, keep in mine that you need to use white on insides of your eyes, brush soft creamy eye shadow colors along, use white eye liner, Put mascara on the bottom lashes. Apply a few fake lashes, and trim up the eyebrow area. These makeup tips will help make your eyes look bigger.

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