4 tips to pack items for long term storage

Whether you are packing items to store while you are waiting for your house to be finished or if you are packing items to store that you no longer need here are a few tips to help you when packing for long-term storage.

Tip one:
If you are packing fragile items for long term storage you should take special care when packing them. Do not use crumbled newspaper as the ink from the newspaper rubs off onto everything and can stain your items. You can use old soft clothes or acid free packing paper to wrap your fragile items. Another alternative is using bubble wrap. When packing fragile items you will first need to line the bottom of the box to provide about four inches of a soft cushion. Make sure that you wrap each item individually so that the items will not clink together, which can increase the chances of them getting broken. Items that have two parts should be wrapped separately as well. When placing fragile items in a box to be stored make sure you place crushed paper in between the items, as well as wrapping them. Do not overload the box, this can cause the box to break open and all of your fragile pieces will break.

Tip two:
When storing clothing for long term do not store them in plastic or vinyl bags because it can lead to discoloration, mildew and musty odors. Some plastic bags also emit PVC gases that can deteriorate delicate fibers over a period of time. So when storing clothes use cotton bags or ventilated containers. Make sure that you clean your clothes before storing them. Stains from foods can attract moths, silverfish or other insects that will feed on these stains and thus put holes in your clothes. When storing your clothes for long term you should fold acid-free tissues in with your garments. Make sure that you store your clothes in a dry and dark place where there is plenty of room. If at all possible avoid storing clothes in hot attics or damp basements because the extremes in temperature and/or humidity can damage your clothing's fibers. Every once in awhile you should remove the clothes from storage and clean the bags that they are being stored in, as well as refolding your clothes so that the fibers do not get damaged. You can also put mothballs in the containers that your clothes are in.

Tip three:
If you plan on storing any wood furniture for long-term you should disassemble all of the furniture that you are able to. Either before or after you disassemble your wooden furniture you should wax the wood really well with wood varnish, this will prevent moisture from destroying your wood furniture. If you do disassemble your furniture be sure to place all hardware in a Ziploc bag and tape it the disassembled furniture, so that you do not accidentally lose the hardware. When you are placing the items in storage place some type of thick cloth (moving blankets or old carpet) in between each piece of wood to prevent scratching. If you have furniture that is made of metal or a similar alloy before storing it you should apply a thin coat of oil to it.

Tip four:
When you are storing electronic items try to repack them in their original boxes. If you do not have the original packaging you can go to electronic stores to see if they have boxes that are similar in size to what you need, who knows they might have the original box. But before placing a DVD player, CD player, VCR or a TV into the box you should first wrap the item in plastic (when wrapping these think in terms of how it was packaged when you first bought the item). When it comes to your CDs or DVDs do not place them in plastic wrap or plastic bags because if the storage place gets too hot it can destroy your CDs or DVDs.

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