6 things to do daily to keep your house clean and under control

There's nothing worse than a disgusting, smelly, cluttery house. You walk in, your nostrils are offended, your eyes are offended, your mind is offended. You're afraid to have the neighbors over. The sink is full of dirty, rancid dishes, the kitchen counters are a tangled forest of scummy mugs, silverware, pots, pans, and so forth. You get to the point that you're eating cold cereal out of a canning jar in order avoid actually washing something. And that's just the kitchen! I won't even try to describe the bathrooms, those cesspools. You go in there and you're justifiably concerned that a thing with scales and pale eyes could emerge from the whatever-it-is seeping out from under the edges of your toilet.
Well, enough of that. A dirty house is a bad thing. We've spoken a little exaggeratedly so far, but the principle holds. A cluttered house, as they say, usually leads to a cluttered mind. Again, there's the issue of guests. You can't have friends over to play games and so forth if you're ashamed of your environment. Now that we've beat this into the ground, let's think of six things to do daily to keep our houses clean and under control.

1. To keep your house clean and under control, be sure to vacuum daily. Just do a quick but thorough vacuuming job, make sure you get those hard to reach areas that love to gather thick grey dust. It's easy, it's quick, it can even be entertaining.
2. To keep you house clean and under control, be sure to do a quick pick-up at least a couple of times per day. Now, doing even one quick pick-up is a vast improvement over the way most people do things, but I assure you that if you double your output you'll see miracles.
3. OK, now we come to the big one. To keep your house clean and under control you must wash your dishes every day, day in, day out. Don't let them pile up! There's nothing more depressing than a sinkful of dirty dishes. They work on you psychologically even when you aren't in their presence. You're always aware of them, in other words. And when you let them pile up, when you let that porridge congeal, when you allow the hot cocoa remains to turn to cement at the bottom of the mug, the idea of spending an hour or so scrubbing like a madman is enough to keep you clear of the kitchen entirely. And then the rest of the house goes, too, because what's the point. If you've got a literal sewer festering at the center of your house, it doesn't matter much if the couch cushions are fluffed.
4. To keep your house clean and under control, be sure to do some light dusting on a daily basis. Dust causes allergies, it ruins nice fabrics, it fades pictures, makes white paint grey, and so forth. And it's so easy to keep ahead of! Grab a duster, make a quick journey round the house, flick here, flick there, and you're done.
5. To keep your house clean and under control, clean your counters, clean your stove. Don't allow bits of food, slathers of honey, sugar, old vegetable parts, animal blood, big piles of animal guts, etc., sit on your counters and grow unattractive. Trust me, you'll be depressed if you do. Keep them nice and shiny by purchasing an inexpensive cleanser, spraying a light coat on the surface you want cleaned, running a wet rag over the coat, running a dry rag over the wet streak, and you're done. Your house is a little more under control.
6. Sweep the floors. To keep your house under control, sweep the floors. Odds and ends like dried peas and curls of Raman noodles pile up fast. Before you know it, you've created a little paradise for mice, rats, cockroaches, and any other vermin that happen to be in the neighborhood. Yes, sweeping on a daily basis can really help you keep your house clean and under control.

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