Benefits of having a garden

Having a garden can be a great experience. There are so many benefits to having a garden that it is a wonder more people don't have them! Let's look at some of those benefits.

First off, gardens give you fresh food. When your garden starts to give you produce, you can just pick something and use it for dinner. You don't have to go to the store and waste time and money, but just walk outside and pick something. You can grow just about any kind of produce in a garden so you can just grow what your family likes.

If you are only into organic foods, you can grow them yourself. You don't have to worry about something that might be in your food. You know exactly what's in it.

They are usually cheaper than buying the produce yourself. As long as you don't spend tons of money on expensive tools or tons of gardening products, you will save tons of money on produce every year. Plus you will be able to eat it fresh and not semi-fresh.

You can have them all year round. If you have a greenhouse or a room that you can use as an area to grow plants in your home, you can grow things in the middle of winter. You can have fresh food in the middle of Winter or the first of Spring. It doesn't matter when you plant things or decide to start growing something because they will be kept at the perfect temperatures all year round.

They are a great learning activity for a family. Having a garden teaches patience, love, and hard work. You have to be patient for your garden to grow. Plants don't just grow over night or in a few weeks. You also have to show your garden love. You can't just leave it alone but have to attend to it every day. It's like a pet, you have to give it water and attention everyday. It also teaches hard work. You have to weed it every few days, and give it plenty of water. You have to spend hours working on the garden. Gardens help bring a family together. You spend so much time together that you have time to talk and just have fun with each other.

The time spent working in a garden can also be wonderful because you can have time where you are alone. You can work and have time to think or just relax your mind while you work. It can be very calming to you and let you think about things that you normally wouldn't during the day.

Even though having a garden is hard work, there are so many benefits that if you have time to have a garden, it can be a wonderful experience. You work hard to do something and get rewarded at the end with something you can eat. You also get the satisfaction that you worked hard and can show everyone the wonderful job you did at growing food for yourself and your family.

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