Best weed killers for your vegetable garden

If you have a vegetable garden you want to be careful not to use any sort of week killer that could be harmful to you. If you were to eat your weed killer, would it make you sick? If you did not wash something well, would your weed killer poison you? These are questions you want to ask yourself. The following are some of the best weed killers for your vegetable garden:

Mulch. This is not something you spray on your weeds, or your garden, it is what you lay on the soil. It is a great way to keep your garden healthy, moisture in, and weeds out.

What is a mulch exactly? Mulches are either organic or inorganic material placed on the soil around vegetable plants.

Other than help to kill weeds, what do mulches do? Mulches offer a lot to your vegetable garden, in fact they offer a number of useful functions. First, they protect against soil erosion by breaking the force of heavy rains; second, they help prevent soil compaction; third, they reduce certain disease problems. There is even more to it, but in general you can think of mulches as insulators, they protect, and making it possible to keep the soil warmer during cool weather and cooler during warm weather. Another big advantage of organic mulches, is that they also improve the soil texture.

Mulch is great for your vegetable garden, having mulch does not eliminate weeds, but it does discourage their growth. It only does this however if your area is weed free before you lay the mulch down. If your mulch is thick, it can be difficult for the weeds to push through it, and the darkness will make the others not germinate as well. If you do have weeds grow through your mulch, cut them off at the soil level. After doing this a few times they will die.

Vinegar: One of the best treatments for getting rid of weeds may not be at the local home and garden store, but in your kitchen cupboard. Vinegar is a great weed killer. You can simply mix three parts white vinegar to one part dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle, then take this bottle and spritz the mixture on garden weeds.

This is safe for you, and is effective at killing weeds. However, it is also effective at killing other things as well. Because this solution affects anything it comes in contact with and not in a good way, you will want to be careful when using it. To prevent this solution from killing your vegetable plants as well, you can make a protective barrier to put around weeds. To do this cut the bottom off a two-liter bottle and place the bottle over the weed you want to kill. Then you can stick the nozzle of your spray bottle into the two-liter bottle opening, and spray. Doing this means that you only spray the thing covered by the bottle, and you can kill offensive weeds, and keep your vegetable garden healthy. You will have the best results if you use this solution while weeds are young, and if you spray the weeds on a hot sunny day.

For other great weed killers for your vegetable garden, visit your local garden store and talk to a specialist. If you have a particularly difficult type of weed, it would be best to see what an expert from the area who knows that type of weed recommends.

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