Finding someone who knows what they are doing to help you remodel your home

Remodeling jobs, whether large or small, are a costly and time-consuming investment on your home. Many people choose to cut costs by skipping contractors and other skilled laborers, or saving them for the jobs they can't do themselves, like plumbing or electrical, by having friends or relatives help.

If you choose to go that route, it's important to find someone who know what they are doing to help you remodel your home. Mistakes can be more expensive to fix than to have the work done professionally in the first place.

The following are a few tips for finding someone who knows what they are doing to help you remodel your home:

 Ask around. If your friends or coworkers who have recently done a remodeling job you admire and done a good deal of the work themselves, ask them if they'd be willing to help you with your remodeling efforts. Seeing the actual finished work that they have done will be a good indication of whether or not they know what they are doing when it comes to remodeling. In the very least, ask them to give you some pointers.
 Visit your local building supply store. This can also be a good place for finding someone who knows what they're doing. The employees who work with people there that have their own businesses or do remodeling jobs on the side will have a good idea about how that person operates. If he is returning often because he picked up the wrong supplies on numerous occasions is a good indication of how they run their business, and the employees will be able to tell. At the same time, many of the also know people who know what they're doing and produce quality work. It's worth asking.
 See the work yourself. Perhaps you know of a friend who has done a lot of remodeling. Before asking him to help you with your projects, see if you can take a look at them yourself. If the workmanship is poor or the job seems to be falling apart, it's a safe bet to say you should look elsewhere for someone to help you.

Volunteering to help you with your remodeling is a lot of work. So if you do find a friend or relative who is willing to volunteers their services to you and help you remodel your home free of charge, keep the following in mind in order to be a gracious host:
 Provide your own materials. Unless they have equipment you need that you don't have or unless they are more comfortable using their own things, make sure you use your own materials so they won't have to use up theirs.
 Have refreshments ready. It's a good idea to keep food and cold drinks around, especially if you will be working outside.
 Work around their schedule. If possible, try and find a time that is the most convenient for them. After all, they are helping you.

If you're going to have someone help you with your remodeling, it's important to find someone who knows what they're doing. Ask around for referrals and then see their work.

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