Gardening ideas for limited space gardens

Some people feel that they can't have a garden because they don't have a lot of space available to them. That is not true! You don't need to have sweeping acres of land in order to have a garden. In fact, many people who garden to not have a lot of land or space available. If you have limited space for your garden area, there are a couple of different things that you can do to make your garden space work. Here are some gardening ideas for limited space gardens:

  1. Box gardening: One thing that you can do if you have a limited space garden is to have a box garden. Box gardens are something that you can make yourself, with some wood and soil. Many people prefer to have box gardens, actually, because they also look very attractive in a yard setting. In addition, box gardens are great because you can control the type of soil that is placed within the box garden. If you are going to make a box garden, it is best to first start making the box garden during the colder months, so that your soil will have time to settle and mix well with compost.
  2. Container gardening: Container gardening is another great idea for having a small garden in a small space. One of the most popular forms of container gardening is seen in window sill garden boxes. These are a colorful way to add some color to your house, and they also work great if you have limited space! Container gardening with window sill boxes also can be a lot of fun, because you can place hanging plants in your box along with other plants!
  3. Create focal points for small gardens: If you have a small garden with limited space, one good gardening idea is to create little focal points for the small garden. These can be created by having a bunch of brightly colored flowers in different sections of the garden. Or, you could consider placing a little garden statue or orb in the garden to create a focal point and variety. If there are many different focal points and places to look in your garden, your small space will start to seem a lot bigger than it actually is!
  4. Focus on plant textures and variety: Another great way to make your limited space garden seem more interesting and full is to highlight different plant textures in the garden. These different textures will create little focal pieces for you to look at, and the visitor's eye will constantly move from one part of the garden to the other. Some plants that have great textures are Lamb's Ear and roses. If you are particularly interested in flowers, see what flowers bloom at different times. Sometimes the variety and different texture of the flower blooms can also create the diversity you need to make your garden appear larger.
  5. Use vertical plants for smaller garden beds: Some people feel like their smaller garden beds are more successful when they plant narrower, more vertical plants in the small garden space. This way, gardens are able to hold more plants and colors, so that they will look interesting. However, you still should include at least a medium or ground cover plant in the foreground of the garden bed, so that the bed looks a little bit fuller.

These are a couple of great gardening ideas for limited space gardens. Hopefully one or all of these ideas will help you to make the most of your small gardening space! Good luck with your small garden!

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