Getting your yard ready for winter

Many people have yards that they enjoy all summer long, and that they take great pride in. They may have gardens, yard furniture, beautiful landscaping, etc. Often these yards take some work, especially to get ready for winter. The following is a look at how to get those yards ready for the winter.

Step one: Do a general cleanup of the yard. This means remove toys, shoes, and anything else that is outside from your enjoyment of the summer. If you have children, this might be a lot of toys, etc. Do a thorough sweep of your yard and get all of the stuff off the grass, out of beds, etc. These things can damage your yard if left with snow, etc.

Step two: Address the yard toys and furniture. If you have a trampoline you may want to take it down for winter, turn it over, take the mat off, etc. Snow can ruing the mat, stretch it out, tear it, etc. Evaluate your yard furniture as well. Cover it, or store it for winter. You do not want those nice cushions getting soaked and ruined in the snow. Be sure to store such items in a clean dry place.

Step three: Clean your beds. If you had a garden, flower or otherwise, it is time to clean up your beds. Pull out the old plants, make sure your bulbs are deep enough to survive winter, etc. This is a great time to give your beds a little TLC so that when you go to plant next year it is easy.

Step four: Turn off water. If you have a sprinkler system it is a good idea to turn it off, and drain the pipes. This will help you keep it in good repair for the next year. If there is water in the pipes and the system is not off, the water can freeze, pipes can burst, etc. Take the time to make sure all sprinkler heads are in good repair, and ready for winter, etc.

Step five: Make sure you have what you need for the winter, such as a shovel to clear snow off walk ways, salt for them, etc. Keep them in an easy to access place. Some people have sheds in the back of their yard, and you do not want to have to tramp through feet of snow to get to a shed to get a shovel out. If the snow is too high, you may not be able to get the shed door open. Thus, prepare accordingly.

These are just a few simple ways to prepare your yard for winter. The end of summer is a great time to apply new coats of polyurethane to your furniture, decks, etc. as it will have time to dry when you aren't using it, and help protect it before winter hits, and thus offer better protection against winter weather.

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