How to add light to your basement.

One of the best ways to rehaul and update your basement is to add light to your basement. If your basement is like most people's, then it tends to be pretty dark and dank. However, basements don't have to be so depressing. You can transform your basement so that it becomes a place where your family enjoys congregating, whether for the kids or for the adults. One of the best ways to make your basement more inviting is simply to add more light!

1. Add more light to your basement by maximizing the basement's natural light.

You probably didn't even realize that your basement has natural light. Well, it does, but not nearly enough people make use of that valuable natural light.

Natural light is one of the best ways to make a living space more comfortable and more inviting. Even basements can allow natural light to come into rooms. If your basement extends at least partially above the ground, then you can add windows into your basement. If you already have windows in your basement, you can enlarge those windows. This will bring a lot more natural light into your basement, and will really open up the living spaces.

Larger windows can also serve as escape routes in the case of fire or another disaster.

If your basement does not extend significantly above ground, or if you can't add windows for other structural reasons, then don't despair! You always have the option to dig window wells that will allow much more natural light to enter your basement. However, if you decide to go the window well route, don't forget the waterproof covers for your window wells. Window wells to increase the risk of water seeping into your basement.

If you are worried about people being able to break into your home through your basement windows, then you can use glass bricks instead of window panes. This will allow light to enter your home, but will help keep thieves out.

Today's egress windows, which are the typical windows used in basements, are all required to be large enough for an adult to escape through. Larger egress windows can also help move water away from the house through its construction techniques. Consider choosing windows with aluminum, and also with glass that is designed to withstand high water pressure in the case of storm or flood.

2. Windows are not just for exterior walls.

We generally think of windows as a way to bring light from the outside into the home. However, consider installing interior windows. These windows, which are installed in interior walls, open up the space in your basement. They create the illusion of more space, and also help create more light from room to room.

3. Use artificial light creatively.

If your basement is like the majority of basements, then it has low ceilings combined with small windows. The way that you can offset the feeling of cramped smallness that is created by the low ceilings is by using indirect lighting. Make sure that you choose indirect lighting that throws a lot of light onto the ceiling, in large pools of light. Not only does this bring more light into your basement, but it will also make your ceilings seem higher.

Mix up your lighting. Have some lighting that goes upward, and mix it with your traditional recessed lighting. Include accent lighting in particular areas that you want to highlight, or that you want to create as cozy spaces.

You can also experiment with unique light fixtures and brighter light bulbs.

Don't forget that the clever use of mirrors will reflect light throughout the rooms, amplifying the light that you already have.

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