How to care for your washing machine

Your washing machine is a big part of taking care of your clothes. Without the proper care of your washing machine, it will not last as long as you want. The following are some tips for how to care for your washing machine:

Tip one: Wipe up any spills that occur. You will want to use a soft, damp cloth or a paper towel. This includes spills on the top of the washer, the side, etc. Most people do not think twice about a little bit of bleach or laundry detergent spilling on the washer top. However, most washers are made of porcelain enamel or synthetic enamel. This does not stand up to repeated exposure to ammonia, chlorine bleach, cleaners that are abrasive, etc.

Tip two: If you are going to use the top of your washer (or in that case, your dryer as well) as a work space, you will want to cover it with a towel. This is especially important when you are treating stains. If you set a shirt on it to spray and wash, make sure you do it on a towel. This is especially important near any electronic control panel.

Tip three: You want to make sure that you allow all moisture to evaporate (otherwise you get a musty smell. So, open the lid of your washer after each use.

Tip four: Do a weekly washer cleaning. You will want to take a cloth dampened with mild dish soap, and wipe down the outside to protect the surface and finish from erosion. You will also want to then rinse it with warm water. Next, be sure to wipe out the inside once a week with a damp cloth. This will help to remove lint, debris, or soapy residue, and will lengthen the life of your washer.

Tip five: If you think your washer could be doing a better job washing your clothes, it is probably time for a deeper cleaning. To do this, start by running a short hot wash cycle with no clothes, but do add your detergent. Then rinse the washer out with some plain water. If your washer is really dirty, you could also add about three quarter cup of bleach, and use some powdered detergent. You will then want to fill the washer with warm water, and let it sit for a while, then rinse. You might need to repeat the rinse until all dirt is gone.

Tip six: You may want to also clean out your fabric softener dispenser, and any other removable parts. To do this you will likely need to look at the product manual. Cleaning these parts is important because if softener mixes with detergent it can stain clothes.

Tip seven: To make sure your washing machine is best cared for, be sure that any time you leave for more than a couple of days that you turn off the water supply at the faucet. This keeps problems from occurring.

Tip eight: If the weather is really cold, and has the possibility of dipping below freezing, be sure to drain water from your washer hoses.

Tip nine: Check your hoses regularly to ensure they are not leaking, bent, kinked, etc. Replace these hoses every 5 years. This helps take care of your washer, and helps protect your home from flood, as often times flood are caused by leaking washing machine hoses.

Tip ten: Buy quality, and buy a warranty. Regular maintenance is important, and be sure to care for your washer using the above tips.

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