How to clean grease off walls and ceilings by the stove

Because you cook on your stove you can end up with grease on the walls and ceilings around your stove. After some time this grease can build up around the walls and ceilings of your stove creating a fire hazard and dust trap. You should clean the grease off the walls and ceiling by the stove whenever you can, the best time is every four to six months to keep the build up from accumulating.

The best way to clean grease off the walls and ceilings by your stove is to do so at least once a week. Cleaning every week will help in controlling any build up you may have. If you clean the walls and ceilings around your stove at least once a week then you will not need to scrub a lot because it should wipe off easily. If you do clean the walls and ceilings that surround your stove on a weekly basis then you should be able to use a wash rag with a little bit of dish soap on it. This should remove any grease residue that is starting to build up from your cooking.

For some of the tougher grease on your walls or ceilings there are some options in cleaning the grease up. You can look at some of the store bought products specifically made for removing grease. These can be found in the cleaning aisles of most any store. Follow the directions that are on the containers for the best results. You can also use some of the things you already have in your home for a homemade method in cleaning the grease off walls and ceilings by the stove.

One type of homemade cleaner you can use for taking care of the grease is to use regular white distilled vinegar. You can either put the vinegar in a spray bottle and then spray the walls and ceiling or you can apply the vinegar directly to a dry rag and rub on the walls and ceiling surrounding the stove. As you spray or rub the vinegar on the walls and ceiling the grease should start breaking down making it easier to clean. You may need to use a sponge that has a coarser side to help scrub on some of the more stubborn grease spots.

Another product you can use to remove the grease from you walls or ceiling is Zippo lighter fluid. You can spread some on a rag and cover the areas that have grease on them. After the grease is cleaned up you will need to follow it up with some fresh water to clean all the lighter fluid off. If you do not clean up all the lighter fluid you will have a bigger fire hazard then the grease was. The lighter fluid is great for grooves that you may have in the walls or ceiling that you are trying to rid of the grease. While this is an effective way to get the grease out you will also need to be very careful and use with caution.

You can also use just soap and water to try to remove the grease from the walls or ceiling surrounding your stove. Use about two teaspoons of regular dish soap made sudsy and use just a little water. Apply to the areas needing cleaned and wipe away with a clean rag. You may need to clean the area a few times for the more stubborn grease. You can also use a small toothbrush to apply in any crevices that grease has gotten into. Make sure to completely clean the soap mixture off the walls and ceiling.

There are a few ways to clean grease off your walls and ceilings by the stove. The best ways are sometimes with regular soap and water. Store bought products may also work but you will have to keep buying to find one that works well. Keep cleaning up the grease either on a weekly or semi-weekly schedule to get the walls and ceilings by the stove clean and keep them clean.

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