How to fix a squeaky bed frame

Squeaky bed frames can ruin your rest. Eliminate annoying squeaks from metal or wooden bed frames in minutes. Having a squeaky bed frame can be a hassle and simply annoying. It can make bed time uncomfortable and can cost you valuable sleep time. But don't throw out that squeaky bed frame just yet. Try some of these quick fix ways to see if the squeaky-icky sound would stop. So here are some ways to fix a squeaky bed frame.

First you need to get some plastic washers a bar of soap and a sealant tape. Now for a metal bed frame you need to remove the mattress and box spring. Unscrew all nuts and bolts from the bed frame. Make sure to remove them one at a time and wrap them with sealant tape. Put an additional plastic washer between the frame and existing lock washer to tighten the bolts. For a wood bed frame, take away the mattress and box spring. Unscrew each screw and remove them one at a time. Run the screw on a bar of soap until the grooves of the screws are filled with dry soap. Tighten the screws back into place. If they screws is still loose and not tightening, wrap it up with sealant tape before putting it back in.

Now you should be having some pleasant dreams by now. If not, then it's time to check if the squeaky sound is coming from where the frame of the bed meets the metal or wood frame. Take the frame apart and put some cloth or some kind of fabric where the frame connects into the wood. Make sure to try it on both the head and foot of the bed. If you have a squeaky metal bed frames, just spray the screws with some oil and the "squeaks" should go away. Sometimes the change in weather can cause the screws in your metal bed frame to dry up and squeak. If the squeaky sound is coming from the side rails that join the headboard and footboard, try some paste wax on it. If the bed frame still squeaks, it times to look into replacing the hanger parts of the frame. They might be worn out.

You may also need to move your mattress and box spring around to see if that's where the squeaky sound is coming from. Putting too much pressure on one side of the bed whether it's the headboard or footboard of the bed can cause a lot of friction that can cause the squeaky noise. To fix this, simply center the mattress and box spring on the frame to help take the pressure away from the head and footboard which is the reason for the squeaky sound to occur.
If you have an antique bed with a mattress and box spring that is having a squeaky problem, try looking for any loose fittings that may need to be fastened or replaced. If it's a metal frame, apply some oil to the nails. If not try putting some cloths in between the bed frame joint. This may lessen the noise. If the bed frame is still squeaky it's time to call an antique refinisher to see what he can do to help you out.

If you've tried all these tricks and the squeaky keeps coming back, it time to look into buying a new bed frame or a new box spring. And if you think your bed frame and bed is 10 years or older, maybe it's time to save time and buy a new bed frame and bed altogether.

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