How to get crayon off your walls

Those little works of art from the ever-famous crayon is something to cherish in a picture but not on your wall. Here are some tips on how to get those annoying crayon marks off walls.

There is a wide variety of ways to get crayon marks off your walls. Here are a few ideas that you can try to remove these little works of art. There are also some tips here on how to make this job less likely to be necessary in the future.

Removing crayon is not as hard as it may appear. The crayon being made out of wax usually gets down in the dips of the painted surface. A more flat surface may be a little easier to remove crayon from than that of a textured surface.

The other area of cleaning crayon off a wall is that for some paints or wallpapers rubbing or adding a cleaner may dull the shine or lighten the print. Any of the options you try, it may be a good idea to try them in a non-visual area and only for a small amount, let it dry and see that there is not variance in shine and color.

Here are some tips on how to get crayon of your walls.

  • Erasers- you can use a pencil eraser or magic eraser to remove crayon off many of you wall surfaces. However, use caution to make sure that this type of removal does not cause any lack of shine. All though, I have not seen where this option has not worked to remove most marks off walls.
  • Baking soda- start by taking damp cloth and dip it in a little bit of water and baking soda mixture. This should remove most crayon marks with little to no effort.
  • Baby oil will remove many crayon marks and stains. Apply a little at a time, and rub gently, this process will usually bring the crayon right out and does not remove the shine from the more fussy of paints. However, this could stain the wallpaper, so testing this one for the wallpaper would be the key.
  • WD-40- is a method that appears to be very popular. If however you have skin allergies, or sensitivities this harsh chemical may not be the best idea. Either way this is an effective way to remove crayon, though wearing gloves would be a good idea.
  • Steal wool soap pad- for the cute little crayon marks on your wallpaper; you can try a small steal wool soap pad. Try to move the pad in one direction, not in a circle. Use caution to not lessen the integrity of the wallpaper. The color can fade with excessive rubbing.
  • Non-gel toothpaste- Use a scrub brush or washcloth with a little toothpaste. The fine abrasive in the toothpaste will remove the crayon with out to much work.
  • Remove wax- because the base of crayon is wax, often times removing the wax with a spatula that is covered with some type of cloth will usually help ease the process of crayon removal.

Removing crayon as difficult as it may have been at one time, has never been easier. However, removing washable crayons is even easier. With just slight increase in cost, and I am counting pennies, you can save yourself the hassle of removing crayon from your walls, clothing, kids and floors. It is worth the investment and will make coloring more fun if you do not have to worry about where the crayon will get.

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