How to get fingernail polish off your tile

How to get fingernail polish off your tile?

There is a few different ways to get nail polish off tile. So you will have to make your best judgment.

First choice:

Nail polish remover, this could get messy and it might stain so you have to take caution. People have used it before and it worked perfect it is just up to you. If you think that nail polish remoiver is the best choice than you should follow these simple steps.

Step one:

 Buy, some nail polish remover
 Buy some Q- tips
 Buy if you need a razor blade if you think it will help.

Step two:

Use the Q-tip and soak it in nail polish remover. It should soak its self immediately you don't have to hold it in the nail polish remover for very long at all.

Step three:

Work your way from the outside in and be careful not to let the stain grow any bigger. All you need to do is slowly rub around the edges.

Step four:

Wait tell you have got as much as you can off with the nail polish remover and then if you insist use the razor blade to get off any hard parts. Just be careful that you don't ruin the tile in the process.

Step five:

If it didn't come off all the way you can repeat steps one through four and see if it helps. If you would like you can try a different method.

Second choice:

Rubbing alcohol or bleach.

Step one:

 Buy rubbing alcohol or bleach
 Buy Q- tips
 But if you would like a razor blade

Step two:

Apply bleach or rubbing alcohol to the Q-tip

Step two:

Move your way from the outside of the nail polish inward

Step three:

If you fill it necessary use the razor blade to get off any extra pieces. Be careful that you don't ruin your tile. Also if you would like you can repeat steps one through three, or try a different method.

Third choice:

Laundry detergent.

 Q- tips
 Anything else you think will help you

Step one:

Apply a small amount of launder detergent to the stain.

Step two:

Slowly rub the stain. Make sure the stain doesn't grow.

Step three:

Wipe away the rest of the detergent and if needed repeat steps one through three. Also you can try a different method if you think it is needed. It is hard to tell witch works best so you might want to try a few different ones if needed.

If you are still having problems than try a different method, sometimes you have to just find the one that works best for you. Don't give up just try the best you can. If you are having a hard time cleaning the nail polish than next time try to clean it as soon as you find it, don't wait.

Nail polish is a hard thing to clean so it needed try to lay down newspaper of something like it from now on. This will help you to prevent the stains caused by nail polish. Try to do your nail some were that you can considerate to prevent spills.

These should all work on

 Bathroom floor
 Kitchen floor
 Some hardwood floors
 Also any were else that you might have tile in your household

This is how to get finger nail polish off your tile. See what works best for you.

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