How to update your plumbing

Many older homes have outdated plumbing. The pipes can erode and leak, and can cause major water damage and the need for expensive repairs later. So, updating your plumbing, and properly maintaining and checking our plumbing on a regular basis is an important part of keeping your home in good repair.

The following is an explanation of how to update your plumbing:

1. Call a plumber. Unless you are certified as a plumber, it is probably very important for you to use a professional. There are some things you can do to update your plumbing on your own, but much of this must be done by a professional. And, even some of the things you can do on your own (like change your shower head) should be done by a professional just to avoid problems. It is smart to call at least 3 plumbers so that you can get estimates of what updating your plumbing would cost, and what exactly needs to be done to bring your home to date. This gives you a chance to see what is really necessary to update, and what is fluff that you do not need. It also gives you an edge, you can get different plumbers to compete for your business which means better price and hopefully better service.
2. Start by updating your pipes. Many older pipes were made of galvanized steel, but today, copper is the pipe material of choice. Of course you can steel use glavanaized, PVC, etc. but copper is the most durable, least likely to break, leak, etc. So, talk to your plumber about your pipe replacement options. Determine what is best for your home, your budget, and your time. Then have them go to it.
3. Next, as part of updating your plumbing you want to consider your fixtures. An old, outdated fixture outdates your house faster than anything else. So, go to your local home store and pick out new fixtures. You may want to choose sleek and refined, or classic, etc. The look and material choice is up to you. So, go shopping, but be sure to know the right sizes, pressure etc. so that you pick out the right fixtures for your home. Start in the kitchen. Get new faucets, popular choices include the kind with a full out head and adjustable water pressure. You will also want to update your shower head. They make tons of shower head options, ones with different patterns of spray, pressure, etc. Choose an adjustable one. Then replace all handles and faucets on sinks etc.
4. You may also want to consider changing out drains. In many older homes drains are simply plugs that fit in the hole. A more updated and modern drain is the pop-up drain. So, talk to your plumber about installing new drainage systems.
5. Another part of updating your plumbing is installing features like water filtration, water softeners, and things like garbage disposals, etc. All of these beautiful upgrades are somewhat expected in homes these days. So, to update your plumbing, you will want to have water lines that run to the fridge, a garbage disposal that is in your sink, a filter on your faucets etc. Talk to your plumber about your options, and determine which are most important to you, and which fit in your budget best.

Updating your plumbing can give your home a newer feel, and save you from the headache of lots of future problems.

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