Keeping baseboards looking clean, not dingy

Keeping your baseboards clean, not dingy is a time consuming task. The baseboards are the place where your floors meet your walls. They come in different colors and styles depending on your home. They are rarely thought about until you need to clean them. This task requires time and some elbow grease. It will also require a bucket of some sort and wash rags or a sponge.

Baseboards can become dust collectors. When vacuuming or mopping your floors some of the dust gets moved around and ends up on the baseboards. People rarely clean the baseboards as much as the floor or even the walls. Your baseboards need some attention too. Clean baseboards can really liven up a room. You can clean them with a homemade solution, regular soap and water, or store bought cleaners.

For the homemade solution you will need a vacuum, bucket, gloves, wash rags or sponges and an old toothbrush for hard to reach corners. For the solution you need water, vinegar and a pan. You only have to wear the gloves to prevent pruning. To begin with you'll need to vacuum the floor boards to get some of the surface dirt and dust off. Don't forget to get the edges where your baseboards meet the floor. To make the solution you need to boil 5 cups of water then add 1 cup of vinegar, stir with rag and pour into the bucket. You are ready to start cleaning. Wring out your rag or sponge and start wiping the baseboards. Don't get the baseboards too wet; a damp rag or sponge is good enough. If you can't reach a corner then use the toothbrush. If you have stubborn stains try rubbing a bit harder. Let the baseboards air dry and then go over them with a used fabric softener from your dryer. This will hold off dirt and dust build up for a time.

The regular soap and water method requires just that, a little dish soap mixed with water. You can also use Clorox or ammonia if you like but that is not necessary and could pose a danger to children or animals in the home. Lightly go over the baseboards with a damp rag. Let the baseboards air dry and then go over with a fabric softener sheet again.

Store bought cleaners would include a Mr. Clean magic eraser, Clorox wipes, baby wipes, or swiffers. Wet cleaners work the best to get off some of the dirt but even a light dusting with a swiffer duster will work. There are wet swiffers to use they are not made specifically for the baseboards but for wooden or tiled floors. Before using these you may want to test on a small part of your baseboard to insure it doesn't do any damage. The Mr. Clean eraser needs to be wet and will help with some of the harder stains. This one will work best on lighter colors. Both the Clorox wipes and the baby wipes are ready to go. The Clorox wipes may still be a danger to children or animals in the home so use with caution. The baby wipes can be used by your children if they want to help or in their own rooms. Wipe the baseboards and then throw away the wipe. This may be more expensive but is a great option when in a hurry.

Keeping your baseboard clean and not dingy can be done. All of the above options are great. Find one that works best for you and get to work. To keep your baseboards always looking clean wash them every few months.

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