Keeping stair carpet clean and stain free

Keeping stair carpet clean and stain free. The stairs is often times a place that stains, and dirt seems to track to the easiest. Maybe not as much as by the front door of your house, but close enough. It is also easier to clean the carpet around the front door, than it is to clean your stairs. Why is this? Because of the incline or decline and the shape that the carpet takes on the stairs.

So what can you do to keep your stair carpet clean and stain free. Well check out some good ideas.

Idea #: Stain resistant carpet

If you were to pick two places in your house to put stain resistant carpet. The best places would be by the front door, and on your stairs. The stain resistant carpet will help to prevent the dirt and grime that gets tracked through your house from staining that carpet.

There are a few different types of stain resistant carpet. Lets look at what some of them are, and how they work.

Twist or cut pile carpet is a more stain resistant carpet. It does not necessarily mean that stains will not get on the carpet type. But, it does mean that it is more resistant than some other carpet types.

Sculptured, Cut and Loop, or Berber. These are another type of carpet that is more stain resistant. The stains can still get on these types, however it is usually easier to get the stains out.

Idea #2: Keeping the spill from becoming a stain

There is always going to be a spill smudge on your carpet that could happen. However, the key to keeping the carpet look clean and stain free will be cleaning that spot immediately.

What not to do to your carpet! Do not use bleach. Do not soak the carpet. Do not scrub the carpet.

What you can do! You can use a cloth and some carpet cleaner or stain remover. Then pat the cloth on the dirty or smudged area. This way the dirt will rise up into the cloth. Not being ground into the carpet is the key. If you look at the overall way a carpet is created, you can see that dirt can get into those fibers, but soaking, or hot water will get those stains down deeper. Be sure to simply use a carpet cleaner and pull the spots and dirt up.
Idea #3 Protect and prevent

Protecting and preventing wear on your carpet will be one of the major steps you can use to keep your carpet clean and spot free. The thing is that you will want to use some type of protective runner. You can use a piece of the plastic runner type, or even a long rug type runner. This way you are protecting the carpet that is under the runner.

Though, the only down side of using runners is the area around the runner tends to darken with normal use, while the carpet under the runner stays the lighter, cleaner color.

These ideas will help to keep your stair carpet clean and stain free. However the basics of just using caution on the stair area will also help. Try not to allow foods, drinks and other items that could stain to be on the carpeted areas. This will prove to be a wise move when you consider all that could be spilled on your carpeted areas.

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