Keeping your teenage boy's room smelling fresh

Keeping your teenage boy's room smelling fresh. As parents we know that teenage boy's rooms can be the hardest area to maintain a fresh smell. This is because they are active, have hormonal changes and we have to admit, they may not always want to keep their room the cleanest.

So how can you work with those types of activities and keep a rooms smelling fresh? Well here are some tips for keeping your teenage boy's room smelling fresh.

Tip #1

Start by airing out the room often. There is nothing that helps with those sour, stinky smells like fresh air. When you consider the germs and offensive smells in the air are trapped in a smaller area, it is no wonder that the smells are so strong. So if you actually open those smells up to be freed up by opening those windows and doors. You will start to see that the smells are not as cooped up.

Tip #2

It is important to have your teenage boy clean their room regularly. However, keep in mind that they may not put as much detail into their cleaning. So it will be up to you, to keep on them about what needs to be clean. Then you will need to make up the difference. It is not something that most teenage boys will do naturally.

Tip #3

Remove all garbage, dishes, and other smelly items from the room. Dirty laundry will be a major smell factor. So those items should be either removed from the room regularly, or put into a hamper. Then removed still on a frequent basis.

Tip #4

Cleaning bedding is another important way to remove smells from a room. Imagine that your teenage boy just got home from baseball practice and jumps on his bed for a fast nap. All the dirt and sweat that was not washed away yet then is transferred to the blankets and sheets. This is why the smells grow on the sheets and blankets in your teenage boy's room.

Tip #5

Clean all air ducts in the room to remove dust and dirt. These dusts and dirt can accumulate and have smells cling to them. Some simple dish soap and water can do the trick.

Tip #6

Clean all the nooks and crannies of the room. Don't leave the hidden areas to create smells that fill the entire room. Closets, drawers, and under the bed will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the smells from growing in them.

Tip #7

This is probably the biggest area you will find causes smell in your teenage boy's room. This is your boy's sneakers and shoes. I hate to say it but we all know they usually smell. You can make sure that your teenager wears clean white socks regularly to help with this. You can take the sneakers and bag them up in sealed bags, then place them in the freezer over night. This can help to remove many smells that are offensive also. Then finally keep a good sneaker smell reducer around and use it regularly.

Keeping your teenage boy's room smelling fresh can be a real challenge. However, it is not something that you cannot do. Try these tips and find out if they will work for you. It is not impossible to keep the room smelling fresh, just a little more work. Having your teenager help you will also help them to grow in those areas.

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