Protecting your roof from falling leaves and rot

Why a house should have clean gutters

Falling leaves and other rotting debris can get stuck in the gutters of a house. This may not seem like a big deal since from the ground a person cannot see the leaves and rot in the gutters, but rot and leaves in gutter can create big problems. Gutters are on the house to help with drainage. When the gutters on a roof are filled up with rot and leaves they no longer can work properly. There is no room for water to flow down through the gutters from the roof down to the ground.

When the water backs up in the gutters it can spill over in places that can cause water damage to the house. Many basements have flooded because there is not proper drainage from the roof because the gutters are clogged. The water will spill over and create a puddle. The water needs a place to go and if it is not draining in the right place it can cause a lot of water problems.

Rot and leaf guards

A great way to protect roof gutters from falling leaves and rot is by using a rot and leave guard. There are many companies that make rot and leaf guards for roof gutters. Roof guards can be used on just about any size of gutter. They are clipped to the gutter and can hardly be seen from the ground. Water is able to pass through the guard, but leaves and other debris is not able to get through to clog the gutters. Roof guards are easily installed and can be cut to fit the size of the gutter.

Lose the trees

Trees are beautiful in any yard. They are a great addition to landscaping. But when these beautiful trees hang over a person's house they can cause more harm than good. Not only could it be dangerous when there is a strong wind that could blow down the entire tree, but even a soft wind that blows the leaves off of the tree can cause some damage. Leaves from a tree that hangs over a roof can easily get caught in the gutter more than a tree that is across the yard.

To alleviate the problem a person can cut down the trees that have a lot of leaves that hang over their house. It is important that a person takes a lot of precaution when cutting down a tree that hangs over their house. A branch could easily fall and damage the house. A person could hire someone who cuts down trees professionally to do the job.

Cleaning roof gutters

One very simple, but time consuming way to protect a roof from root is for a person to clean out the gutters. A person can hire someone to clean their gutters or do it themselves. It is kind of a messy job but does not require a lot of tools to complete. A person will need a ladder, gloves, a garbage bag, and a small tool (such as a hand shovel) to get the leaves and rot out of the gutter.

Since the leaves fall from the trees in the fall, it would be smart to clean out the gutters after the leaves have all fallen from the trees. That way the person does not have to clean out the gutters more than once. However, in some parts of the country the first snow may fall before a person is able to clean out their gutters. If there is not a day during the fall that a person can clean out their gutters they should try to do it as early in the spring as possible to avoid drainage problems.

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