Remodeling manufactured homes

Are you wondering how you can remodel your manufactured home? Are you despairing at every having the home that you really want? Well, despair no longer. Remodeling manufactured homes is no more difficult than remodeling standard houses. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you remodel your manufactured home.

Whether your manufactured home is a mobile home or a pre-fabricated house, there are a number of different steps that you can take to remodel your manufactured home and truly make it your own.

If you own a mobile home, your remodeling projects will be essentially the same as remodeling approaches to standard homes. What you need to remember, however, is that a number of your appliances will probably need to be bought from a mobile home dealer since they are specialized to fit a mobile home.

However, the rest of your infrastructure is similar to that of a standard house. If you can't find any parts that you need in the right size or shape, contact a local mobile home dealer. Many of them carry parts and extras. Or you can purchase the other parts and then build up any areas around those parts, adding trim and nice paint to make the area look nice.

If you own a pre-fabricated house, one of the best places to start remodeling your manufactured home is with the fireplace mantel. Many manufactured homes have a typical run-of-the-mill fireplace with no special mantel on top. You can completely transform your home simply by purchasing a pre made mantel piece that is 5'. After you install the mantel piece, add wood molding around the fireplace and put a 6' mantel on top of the mantel piece. You have just transformed your manufactured home into a luxury home.

Another great place to start remodeling your manufactured home is by changing the light fixtures. Most manufactured homes come with your standard dome globe. These globes are great and do their job just fine, but they are incredibly boring when it comes to aesthetics and d├ęcor.

If you don't have the budget, the time, or the desire to completely change the lighting in your home, simply purchase new light covers. There are innumerable different styles at any home improvement store, such as Home Depot. Decide on the style of home that you would like-timeless, sophisticated, vintage, country, modern, whatever-and then purchase light covers that will match that particular style and personality that you want in your home.

Remember to use 60 watt light bulbs. These will protect your light covers more than any hotter light bulbs. Replace any old and plastic light covers that are burned brown from your hotter bulbs.

Another great place to start when you are remodeling your manufactured home is with your floor registers. Floor registers are now longer boring grates. You can purchase any style of floor cover that you want now. You can also purchase floor covers in a complete range of different materials, from wood to metal to whatever else you would like.

What about baseboard molding? Many doublewide mobile homes and modular homes have higher ceilings. This means that you can install larger baseboards to add elegance and finish to your home. Consider adding chair railing in your hallways.

Don't forget your windows. Adding window molding, which many manufactured homes lack, can also add a sense of finish to your home.

Don't forget the details: doorknobs, drawer handles, hinges, and so on. The details are what really pull a home together, manufactured or not. Consider changing the color scheme of your home, and adding accents with new lighting and new pillows, towels, and so on.

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