Should I wash clothes in hot or cold water?

Washing clothes in hot or cold water, what is the best for your clothing? Each material is a little different. Other factors weigh on the temperature of the water you should use to wash your clothing in also.
A large factor right now is water and energy conservation. However important water and energy conservation are, there are a few things to consider before choosing to wash all your clothing in cold water.

For each one of the seasons the temperature changes. Therefore, it can take more or less energy to heat the water for your washing. When the temperature of your water is less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the wash you are doing is not getting nearly clean enough. Water for laundry should be a minimum of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
You can check the temperature of the water you are washing with by using a candy thermometer. This is a simple way to check the water and will assist your detergent in efficiently wash your clothing.
There are things you can do to help with the heating costs of the water to make washing in these temperatures more cost effective.
 Wrap pipes for the hot water
 Use only the amount of hot water needed for the clothes that are being washed

However there are times when different types of water are used for washing. Here are a few tips to get the clothing as clean as possible.
 Dissolve the detergents that are powder in hot water, before adding it to a cold-water wash
 Use hot water on oily stains or stains that have a greasy content
 Use warm water to brighten clothing
 Use cold water to save fiber content
 You can substitute warm water for hot water on many materials as long as if you have a stain you pre treat the stain.
 Use hot water for any clothing that may have bacteria's on them. Those like diapers, bedding, towels, wash clothes, work clothing that is possibly infested with any other bacteria's, medical out fits, children's clothing, construction clothing etc.
 Use cold water to rinse because it is equally as effective as rinsing with warm water

The hotter the water is that you use, the cleaner your laundry will be. However, it is important to read the washing instructions on the article of clothing itself.
For best sanitization and germ removal, hot water is what is necessary. Using hot water also works best to remove most stains. You laundry detergents work best with hot or warm water also.
Warm water is what is usually used for permanent press and jeans. Cold water is usually better for delicate items. However, take special care to check your cold-water only washable items for need of pre treatment, as they will not have stains removed otherwise.
If you do have to wash clothing in cold water, it may be a good idea to lengthen the wash time in addition to pre dissolving the detergent in hot water, and pre treating the clothing articles.
Another idea to help with cold-water washing is to soak the clothing for roughly 15 minutes in a detergent before washing. This will help loosen any soil or stains that may be there.
With what ever temperature you choose to wash your laundry in, it is always a good idea to look at each article of clothing for stains, pre treat any marks that look like stains, and then make sure the detergent you use is dissolved completely.

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