The best way to keep your home clean, not just picked up

Your home is a sanctuary. Somewhere you can go to relax and enjoy your accomplishments. When you come home from work you don't want to spend all your time cleaning your house but you still want it to look nice. You also don't want to spend a whole day cleaning. If you stay home with kids you know how hard it can be to find time to actually clean and not just pick things up. The best way to keep your home clean and not just picked up is to do a little every day.

Figure out what you want to keep clean and what you need to keep clean. Things like vacuuming, dishes, taking out the trash and dusting are some jobs that should be done every week. Cleaning under furniture can be done monthly or more if you need. Cleaning appliances like stoves and washers should be done every few months. You can make these into a list of rooms and what to do in each room.

You have your list of rooms and what you want to clean. How do you organize it to do a little each day and keep the house clean? There are many ways to do this some of the most popular are weekly cleanings of each room and daily cleaning the house with just a few jobs. Take a look at how both these methods work and find one that best fits you.

Weekly cleaning method includes all cleaning and deep cleaning of that room or section plus regular cleaning. Start with one room or section of your home. Examples would include bathroom plus bedroom, kitchen plus dining, living room plus entry way. These sections or rooms will rotate on a monthly basis so you should have it divided into 4 or 5 weeks. You have a list of things you want clean which should include windows, walls, light fixtures or ceiling fans, baseboards and floors. Do one of these jobs a day because you also need to maintain the rest of the house. When you are finished with one job you are done in that room for that day.

The weekly cleaning method works well for busy people or people who don't like yearly deep cleaning. The deep cleaning of walls and surfaces keeps your house in tip top shape and no room has to go without attention for more then 4 weeks. This also reduces the need for spring cleaning because you are doing it on a weekly basis about 12 times a year. The downside of this method is you also need to keep other rooms somewhat tidy so you still need to pick up a little throughout the house. You won't be able to ignore your kitchen for weeks at a time. You will have a list of must do's with this method.

The other way of keeping your house clean and not just picked up is doing a few jobs through out the whole house. Start with making all the beds. Pick up any misplaced items as you go along through the house. You can use a laundry basket to keep these items in until you get to the room they belong in. Take a feather duster and dust all the rooms as you move along. Just do what you can see don't worry about anything you can't reach. Do your dishes for the day and run a load of laundry every day. Vacuum the rooms you just cleaned. Pick a deeper cleaning chore to do daily or weekly depending on your schedule. This could include windows, cleaning curtains or blinds, under furniture. When doing the deeper clean chore do it through the whole house not just one room.

This method takes a little more time but your house should always be neat and tidy. You get the deeper cleaning done in your entire house a little at a time. You can easily teach children to do their own rooms before school. This method includes every room every day but a little at a time.

Keeping your home clean and not just picked up will help reduce stress and be a comforting place to come home to. Whether you do a little each day or a room each week is up to you. Once you get started you'll find what works best for you and your lifestyle.

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