Things to consider when decorating a child's bedroom


It can be a lot of fun to decorate your child's bedroom or a big giant headache. But if you live in a house with children then the time comes when the nursery has to be changed over to fit the needs of a growing child. While you want a space that reflects your child and his or her personality you also want to make sure that the room is functional and can grow with them. So before you begin here are some things to consider when decorating a child's bedroom-

  • The size of the room-Unless you live in a very large house typically a child's bedroom is not huge. Space planning is key since kids tend to accumulate lots of stuff. Before you begin redoing their bedroom it is crucial to map out a floor plan of where the furniture, storage and accessories will go. Make sure that the bedroom can accommodate all of the items you want comfortably.
  • The scale of the furniture-While the main rule in decorating for children is to remember that they are not always going to be children putting furniture or other items in their rooms that are over sized for them is a big no-no. A child wants to feel safe and secure in their own room and giant pieces of furniture are not the way to do that. Yet since your child is going to grow up and grow larger try to find a happy medium in the scale of the room-medium sized furniture that will not have you wanting to redo the room next year. It will make your child much more comfortable and be much safer as well.
  • The type of room your child needs-Functionality plays a big part in decorating a child's bedroom. Does your child do homework in their bedroom? Do they have a hobby that they do while in their bedroom? Do they want to be able to get down on the floor and play with toys or do they go to a playroom somewhere else in your home? Knowing what your child likes to do in their room will help you determine how to decorate it.
  • The amount of storage-As mentioned above kids need a lot of storage. They seem to accumulate more stuff then they ever have storage for. Creative uses of storage will help your child keep their room from being a cluttered mess. Consider closets with cubbyholes, lower hangers and lots of shelves. Drawers under beds or decorative storage boxes can also be ways to store clutter. If you do decide on built-ins for storage just make sure that they are something your child can continue to use as he or she grows older.
  • The theme of the room-While you may love a slick contemporary look or a romantic Victorian decorating scheme your child probably will not. While you should have the right to have your child's room look good (after all it is your house) your decorating will be much more successful if you get your child involved. Do they love cars, ships, sports or space? Is there a favorite character from television they love? Do they have a hobby that they would like to showcase in their room? The answers to these questions can let you know what they would like to have in their room. Concentrate your theme decorating on easily changeable aspects of your child's bedroom since the bottom line is that the wallpaper, bedding and curtains that feature a sports hero or comic strip can be easily and affordable changed out when your child outgrows it.

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