Tips for keeping dust off fans, blinds, and knick knacks

Dusting is probably one of the most hated household chores. It has to be done every week and bothers a lot of people who have allergies. There is no magic formula that will keep dust off forever but there are a lot of helpful hints and ways to keep it away as long as possible.

Dusting off fans and blinds can be one of the most annoying things to dust. Many companies have come out with products to help but Swiffer has come out with a duster that works great on blinds or fans. It's not very good for things like knick knacks because it's larger and works well only on larger items. It is kind of expensive since you have to keep buying the pads for it but if you have a lot of fans and blinds and long hard surfaces, like a mantle, then it would be a good purchase. If you don't have a lot of time to clean and really get things done, or find that it just doesn't get done because you don't have the time then this is probably a great idea too. You don't have to use it for everything but using a little might help you keep your home cleaner and more dust-free.

Using a spray like Pledge helps to work too. It is specially formulated to keep away the dust for longer periods so try it out and see how you like it. Just spray a little on a rag and wipe away the area. Make sure you use a clean rag and one that isn't filled with dust. That can just spread the dust around and not clean it. The only thing is that it does give off a strong smell so if you don't really like the smell or having your home smell like five different cleaning supplies on cleaning day then try using some water.

Soap and water is always a good idea. It kind of is the magic cleaner because you can use it on virtually everything. Try using a damp cloth to dust. Just use a little but of water. There is no reason to use soap on the rag. It will help trap in the dust the same way the Pledge does but it won't give off any odors. It is great if the smell of cleaners is too strong or you don't have any on hand.

If you have a lot of knick knacks, try to put them in a bookcase. Get a bookcase that has glass doors and put it in your living room. That way, if you love your knick knacks, they will be seen and enjoyed by many people but will also be in an almost dust proof environment. You won't have to dust them as often because the glass helps to keep out the dusty particles in the air.

You won't be able to keep away the dust forever but try using some of these tips. They can help save you time and from working all day dusting. By trying out some of these different ways of dusting, you can probably save yourself from being too frustrated by dust.

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