Tips for keeping food fresh in the fridge longer

Getting your food fresh for a long time is a challenge. We can sometimes forget about food that we have or don't have time to cook what we were planning on and then by the time we do have time to cook that delicious meal, the food we bought is rotten. So we all need a way to keep it fresh for as long as we can and one that can be adjusted to our lifestyle if we need it. Here are some tips that everyone can follow.

One way to keep foods fresher longer is to buy the "Debbie Meyer Green Bags". You might have seen them advertized on television. They generally do keep your food fresher as long as you keep the bags open. Don't bunch them up in the fridge but let the top of the bags stay open. If the bags are closed all the way the special bags won't work and you'll end up with rotten vegetables anyways. They aren't too expensive but there are even easier ways to keep produce fresh.

Most vegetables and fruits keep longer in the fridge. If you have a family that loves to just snack on an apple after school and loves to keep a basket of fruit out then just put out a few bananas and apples at a time. Then keep the rest in the fridge until you need more to refill your basket.

Wrap or store most of your vegetables in plastic bags or Tupperware containers. This will help keep the moisture out of the bags. When moisture gets on vegetables it makes the vegetables rot quicker and get mold faster too. Before you wrap them up though make sure you wash the vegetable or fruit. This will usually help it keep longer because sometimes the produce can get stuff on it while being transported or at the store. This way you'll get everything off of it and it will be like it just came off the vine. Also make sure you dry off the produce before you put it in a container or wrap it up and make sure there is no moisture because that's how mold grows.

If you have a fresh food section in your fridge make sure you are using it. It does keep the foods at a slightly different temperature and helps keep your foods longer.

One trick to keeping potatoes fresh for a longer period of time is to keep them in a cold area. A back porch or garage will work great. If you do put them in your garage just make sure you don't put them near the cars or other fluids because you don't want your potatoes tasting like antifreeze.

There are several different ideas to help keep your vegetables lasting longer. Some work and some don't. For some people keeping a head of lettuce fresh for one week might be a long time but for some it might not be enough. Finding what works for you and you're lifestyle is important so you don't end up wasting hundreds of dollars on food and spend hours at the grocery store. Take the time to follow these tips and you'll have a wonderfully fresh pile of vegetables and fruits.

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