Tips for keeping rose bushes healthy

If you want to keep your rose bushes healthy, you need to start from the beginning. How to plant your rose bush is a big part of the outcome. Also, it increases your chances of thick healthy roses. Here is how it is done.

Step 1:

When you plant your roses, the holes need to be at least one foot deep and two feet around. This will give the roots room to grow.

Step 2:

Next mix a half bag of topsoil, with a half bag of pet humus, with the same amount of soil from the hole.

Step 3:

Place about one third of the mixture at the bottom of the hold, just enough to ensure that the stem of your roses is at least three to four inches away from the soil. This is so when your roots grow they have soil still there by the roots for nutrition.

Step 4:

Sprinkle about one to two cups of milord granite at the bottom of your hole just above your soil mixture.

Step 5:

Now it is time to place your bush into the hole. Also place your soil mixture on top of the roots. If you would like to you can put a metal-staked rod or a bamboo stick through the middle of the rose bush. Water the roses right after you plant them also water them every day for at least two weeks after the establish a root system.

The main things that you will need to do to make your rose bush healthy is use mulch, water it often as necessary, use fertilizer, use bug spray, also to prune off the dead parts off at a forty five degree angle.


How much you should water? You will need to water at lest three to four inches a week. Also remember if you have an automatic sprinkler system to adjust it during rainy seasons.

During hot or dry periods you will need to water your roses more.


Remember to water your roses very well one day before fertilizing. You need to take care of your fertilizing once every week, for the first week you will want to use a 6-5-10 fertilizer. On the second and third week repeat these steps. The forth week is a little different you will need to use a organic fertilizes of your choice. These steps of fertilization will be best for thick healthy roses.

Something's to remember:

If you have smaller roses than you will not need as much fertilizer as the medium or larger roses. Rose bushes are heavy feeders so this method will need to be carried out all year long, with occasional extras, if you think this is needed. Sulfur is added to the roses threw fertilization to adjust the pH levels.

You can also check the soil if you think the soil needs something else, and your not sure what it needs. Al l you need to do is take samples from about six or seven different bushes in your yard, mix it well and send a sample of it to a lab so it can be tested. The technicians at the lab will tell you their opinion and the amount of nutrition and protein in your soil and their recommendations.

Roses need a lot of room to be able to grow; this will make them thick and healthy. Every one wants a nice looking yard. If you are a person who likes roses, and you prune your roses and take all the steps necessary you will have the best looking yard ever.

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