Ways to keep your fans free from dust buildup

Most people would consider themselves to be personally clean and well kept but when it comes to keeping parts of their homes clean, well, that's another story. Keeping high traffic areas and areas that are in constant view clean is easy enough. It is those areas that few people ever see that can really be creating a mess in your home. Consider the cleanliness of your ceiling fan. Most people cannot even see whether or not their ceiling fans need to be dusted unless they stand on a chair. But in reality a dusty ceiling fan could be making other parts of your room dusty as well. Every time the fan is turned on, the dust begins to fly. So why bother cleaning an area of your house that is so awkward and inconspicuous? And how do you keep your fans free from dust buildup once you do clean them?

Below are some reasons why frequent dusting is so important and ways to keep your fans free from dust buildup:

 Dust is defined as "small particles of earth and other man-made debris, measuring less than 75mm across." This dust settles in your home or is blown around by the wind caused by air vents or simply by the wind crated by walking. Dust never goes away and therefore there is no way to completely prevent dust in your home, but you can keep it under control.

 Dusting ceiling fans after a long period of neglecting to do so can really be a chore because of all the dust that falls from the fan onto a floor. A smart tip to make dust clean-up from the floor easier is to spray your broom or dust mop with you favorite furniture polish before cleaning the floor. The furniture polish will attract the dust and dirt and gathering all of the ceiling fan buildup will be easier.

 You can keep your fans free from dust buildup by making sure that the rest of your house is dusted regularly. Dust ends up on the blades of your ceiling fan because it is blown into the air off of other surfaces. If these surfaces were kept clean form dust, the accumulation of dust on your ceiling fan would take much longer to create the kind of buildup that you are trying to avoid. Make sure that you dust all hard surfaces with a damp cloth so that you can capture and dispose of the dust instead of just letting it blow right back into the air. You vacuum should also be checked regularly to ensure that the filter is working properly and that the storage containers are not leaking. Shake rugs and rags out outside to avoid putting more dust particles back into your house.

 You can also keep your fans free from dust buildup and improve the overall air quality of your home by being sure to change the filters in your furnace or air circulating system on a regular basis. Also, ductwork in your home should be cleaned at least once a year.

 Is you clean the dusty surfaces of your home try to do so with fabrics and rags that will capture the dirt instead of just releasing the dirt back into the air. If your hard surface cannot be wiped with a damp cloth, try using a microfiber cloth instead. The dust will cling to the microfiber cloth so you can take it outside to shake out.

These same wet and dry dusting methods can be used on your ceiling fans. You can also try wiping the ceiling fan blades with a dryer sheet after they have been cleaned. Doing so repels dusts and makes it more difficult to that dust to buildup on your fan again. Maintenance is the key to avoiding a lot of hard cleaning. A quick wipe every now and then will save you the trouble of a lot of strenuous and time consuming work later. Plus, it is better for your health to keep a well-maintained and dust-free home. Cleaning the blades of your ceiling fan benefits the cleanliness of your whole home. Clean fan blades will not be able to spread dust when they are turned on.

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