What are the current trends in flooring?

Anyone who has lived in the same place for a decent amount of time knows how boring it can be to stare at floors that have always been the same dull, drab style. Maybe that style is the only style on the floors throughout your entire house or apartment. Or maybe you're building a new house or you've just moved into a house that's new to you and it's time to decide what kind of flooring to put in. Whatever your situation may be, it's a sure thing that you may be struggling with choosing what to put down on your floors. Perhaps this article will help in your decision by informing you of the current trends in flooring.

Let's start this discussion by going over some kind of flooring options. Obviously, there are a million carpeting options available to you. Carpet can be found in any color, any texture, and almost any price. However, we shall be looking more specifically at non-carpet flooring options. And as the trend currently dictates that carpeting not be put in every room of the house, there are many more flooring options becoming more available to the consumer.

Hardwood floors are arguably the most elegant flooring option of them all. They look great in a kitchen, dining room, hallway, and even living room. There is a very strong trend towards hardwood floors in houses today. Nearly any kind of wood can be used as hard wood flooring, but cypress or hickory floors are especially elegant. An environmentally friendly hardwood is bamboo, which is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring trends.

However, real hardwood floors can be very expensive. Luckily there is another option. Laminate wood floors have been improving over the past years and have finally reached the point where they can be hard to distinguish from real wood floors. They are simple to install; many homeowners are choosing to do it themselves; and they are durable and attractive.

As always, tile floors remain popular in kitchen and bathroom areas. Another similar option that is quite popular is vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring offers the look of stone and ceramic tiles (and even hardwood) at a fraction of the price of real tile. They can be simpler to install that real tile or stone, while offering a quality product.

Cork floors, which were popular in the 50s, are making a big come-back. It is a soft floor that retains heat very well, making it very pleasant to walk on during the winter. Cork wears beautifully and holds up under high traffic. It also absorbs sound, and inhibits the growth of mold that is so prevalent in carpet.

Here's an idea: it is especially sophisticated and trendy to accent your wood, tile, or laminate floors with an area rug. Rugs bring a splash of color to a room, giving it personality and function. Oriental rugs are one attractive option.

No matter what kind of flooring you choose, it should be appropriate for your lifestyle. Floors set the tone of the room-the look and feel of it. You should choose flooring based on how a room is used. For example, a room with heavy traffic needs a hard wearing floor (like a wood floor, or durable carpet) whereas a bedroom or family room needs something that is soft and cozy on the feet. In the end, rely on time-proven principles. First, choose a vendor who offers quality and service. Second, trends come and go. Get a floor that you can live with and that you love. And third, choose a floor based on your needs and your space. Don't worry too much about following the trends.

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