Dream fulfillment

checkbox63308153.jpgEveryone has big dreams, especially as children. How many kids say they want to be President? Or that they want to be an astronaut? Or that they want to be a doctor, lawyer, professional athlete? And how many actually achieve those dreams? Something happens between the dream stage and the place of dream fulfillment. The harsher realities of life set in, money starts to matter, and suddenly we doubt our abilities, or our way to meet our dreams. The following is a look at the path of dream fulfillment, and how you can hold on to your dreams, and not lose sight of them so that they go unfulfilled.

Step one: They have to be definite dreams. "Professional athlete" is a vague dream. What sport? What position? When? When you have dreams, if you do not put substance behind them, they have no foothold in reality. You have to say, "I will have my 2.5 million dollar ranch before August 15, 2015." This is a clearly defined dream. The only kind that will succeed.

Step two: Your dreams have to be somewhat realistic. While no one should ever put a cap on your dreams, you have to know the possibilities. A female will never be able to play in the NBA, but can in the WNBA. If you are only 4 foot tall, your chances of becoming a professional point guard are slim. Thus, that dream is slightly unrealistic. Consider what is plausible based on who you are. If your dream is to buy a large property, you have to have the skill set to manage money, or the motivation to obtain that skill set.

Step three: Recognize the skills you need to develop, and the small steps needed to achieve your dream. If you want to be a professional musician, you first have to play an instrument. So, your first step would be to learn the fundamentals of music, the second to choose an instrument, and master playing it, the third would be to make an album of some kind, the third would be to get some exposure, find an agent, play some gigs, etc. There is a logical progression to dream fulfillment, and as someone trying to fulfill your dreams, you need a clear understanding of what it takes so that you know the amount of time, effort, and energy you should put in to do it!

Step four: Find the motivation to reach for that first level or plateau, on your way to fulfilling your dream. Your dream will only become a reality if you have sufficient motivation to make it so. This is why they are dreams, because they are not easily achieved, and the fact is, obstacles will lie in the way, but you can reach your dreams if you educate yourself, take advantage of opportunities, and stay focused and motivated. You have to write your dream down, as well as the small goals that will help you achieve that dream. Make a list of the dream, of the time frame, and what you have to do to get there, and read it every day to remind yourself of your goals. If you do this, your dreams are within your reach.

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