How fear can affect performance

There are many things that can affect how a person performs for example not enough practice, not having all of the tools that are needed, or even just fear. Fear has a way of making a person change completely in some circumstances. Here are some ways on how fear can affect performance.

The first way that fear can affect performance is if you have to speak in public. Fear can cause some one to stumble over their words during a presentation or even make them forget the words all together. Fear can also make one talk very fast. For example if ones presentation is suppose to last 20 minutes due to fear it might only last 10 minutes. A way to help fear not affect presentation performance it to make sure that you have all of the words memorized. Then take your presentation and present it to family and friends but make sure that you talk extra slow. Talking slow will help you get into a rhythm so when you get up to do your real presentation you will say the words and the right speed and not to fast because of fear.

The second way that fear can affect performance is by making someone work harder than normal not to fail. Sometimes when some one has a fear of completing a project it will affect their performance. For example if someone has a fear of failing they will try everything they can to not fail.

The third way that fear can affect performance is by having some one be so scared to fail that they won't even attempt to succeed. For example one person might have a beautiful voice but will not try out for a singing group because of fear. Fear might make them believe that their performance will be affected and they believe that they will never succeed in making the singing group.

The fourth way that fear can affect performance is if you are put in a position that you are not normally faced with. For instance when an emergency arises that you are not familiar with for example you are in a car accident or some one is injured you might freeze and not be able to think straight or you might do the total opposite and jump in to help and recall things from memory that in any other instance might be lost. For example say that a person learned CPR in school but has never used it. When asked to explain how to do CPR they might not be able to recall each step. But when challenged to use it in an emergency situation their fear might kick their memory in and will help them remember all the steps to doing CPR.

The fifth way that fear can affect performance is by causing some people to not act like themselves. For example if some one is scared they might lash out at some one or do something that is outside of their normal behavior.

These are all ways that fear can affect performance. Everyone acts differently when faced with fear. Depending on what type of fear one has to face will depend on how fear will affect their performance. Whether it be fear from playing a solo in a piano recital or being in the middle of an earthquake fear can affect performance. The best way to be prepared to face fears is to be as prepared as possible. Being prepared as possible will help the affect that fear can have on performance be less.

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