How to be humble

cellphone30365260.jpgOne area that needs constant self-improvement is learning how to be humble. It's not always easy to be humble, especially when you achieve hard things in life and you just want to celebrate. We each desire to be around people that hold qualities that may not be our strengths. Some of the best people to be around are those that are humble.

A humble person is one that is often grateful for the blessings they have enjoyed and they are willing to share their good fortune with others. Being humble simply puts things into perspective. Instead of thinking you need to be the best at this or the best at that, you recognize that everyone is equal. We each come with our different strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to bring these good qualities out it others.

Take a look at the people in your life, how many of them are truly humble? Humility means these people are not focused on themselves. They react to the needs of others with sincerity and empathy. Think about some of the ways you have reacted to others in the past. What would you change about your past reactions? Did you truly think about what you said and how it may have impacted others? Although you should not feel the need to tiptoe around others, it does help to be respectful of them.

Humble people are not aggressive toward others. Although we often see many athletes working hard and becoming frustrated, the humble ones will go up to their opponents and congratulate them on a hard-fought battle. These individuals are assertive by nature and they make the effort to let others know that they are gracious.

How can you get motivated to become a humble person? Learning to become humble is pretty hard, especially since most of us learn it at a young age. One way you can learn how to be humble is to list your priorities in life. What is most important to you? Do you put these people first in your life? How do you think other people see you? Do you think they see you as an arrogant, ungrateful person? If your past behavior has reflected this, you still have time to change their opinion.

You can show others that you are humble by respecting them. Recognize the beauty inside each person you interact with and make it a point to recognize these characteristics.

When you are humble, people will look to you as a solid, truthful individual. Do not give people reason to doubt your behavior. Always be truthful to who you are and what you stand for. If you are caught in a lie, people will quickly have a different opinion of you and it could take a long time to show them that you are a good, honest person.

When you accomplish big things, be gracious about it. While you may want to jump up and down on the rooftop, avoid doing this! People will not respect a person that gloats or brags. Simply be grateful for what you have accomplished and thank all the people that helped you get to that point in your life. Part of being humble means you also need to learn how to accept failures. It's never easy to watch another person get the job you wanted, but you need to be the bigger person and congratulate them for their hard work to get the job.

Being a humble person will help you gain the respect of others. They will see you as a good person that is willing to help others and is grateful for the people in your life.

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