How to become more healthy

Alright, the health craze is sweeping the nation and the world, and for good reason, too. Processed foods, drive up windows, grease, grease, grease-we're getting fatter, slower, older, crankier, more dependent on food and medication, and bowel problems are at historical levels. The average American in the Middle East, say, trying to enjoy his or her first camel ride, will suddenly, and uneasily, realize that all's not right with their world, indeed that something's terribly, terribly wrong. Even the camel senses it, as he senses an oncoming storm. Enough of this. If we've gotten to the point where camels are wary of our ticking, gassy, gently rippling bodies, enough's enough. Let's get healthy.
1. The best person to talk to, of course, when it comes to your body, is your personal physician. He or she will know the best course for you to take in your quest for health. He or she can run blood tests and see where you stand regarding cholesterol and other things. He or she can suggest vitamins, medications, and so forth, that you can take as supplements while you exercise. It's extremely important that you see your doctor before starting a serious workout program.

2. So, we're talking about getting healthy, not just good looking, not just ripped. Healthy, then, is more than surface level only-we've got to be as concerned with what lies beneath those rippling abs as the abs themselves. Therefore, diet, exercise, sleep, appropriate relaxation, supplements, etc., should all come into play with the person who wants to get truly healthy. But we're not talking about running a marathon here. No, this process should be taken slowly, surely, methodically, and with all the intelligence we can muster and with all the help we can get.
3. For example, you can start becoming infinitely more healthy today and never step on a treadmill again. Really, the chief part of getting healthy is diet. If you're on a diet that's chockfull of vegetables, lean meats, healthy carbs, all your vitamins and minerals, and so forth, a simple walk at night, a hike on the weekends, riding your bike to work instead of taking the bus or your car, will provide you with plenty of physical exercise. The point is, there are different approaches to getting healthy, and you want to take the approach that will best benefit you and not simply buy into a mass program.
4. Getting healthy is a long process. After all, it took you quite a while to get unhealthy. The beauty of it is, the first day you eat the way you should, the first day you jump on that exercise bike and sweat it out for twenty minutes, the first day you swim, walk, do aerobics, turn down an extra helping of lasagna, read a book on nutrition, you'll feel as great as if you'd been doing it for years. It's psychological, to be sure, but most things in life are psychological.
5. The point is, keep building on that feeling when you start getting healthy. Don't ride one good experience too long. Keep up with it. Do something every, no matter how small or seemingly trivial. If you really start the process of getting healthy, skipping an workout, eating a forbidden meal, etc., will nag at you all day long and give you a lot more stress than you need. Most workout programs last a half an hour, most healthy meals are hearty enough to satisfy the appetite quite well.
6. Another great way of getting fit and staying fit is finding partners who are just as gung-ho as you are. They may be in your neighborhood, they may be at work, a local church meeting, and especially the gym. There's nothing better than a group effort, many hands make light work. Or however you say it. Many hands make many, many fingers. The point is, finding a friend who'll help motivate you in the mornings, and meanwhile you're doing the same thing for him or her, is just another sure stepping stone to a healthy lifestyle.

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