How to confront your fears today so you can get motivated tomorrow

Getting motivated can be a difficult thing. This is especially true when you're governed by your fears. So let's learn how to confront your fears today so that you can get motivated tomorrow.

1. Get close to your fear. This is a great way to start. In order to determine exactly what the fear is, you need to become familiar with your fear. Research it. What makes you feel this fear? Are there specific activities or people who trigger the fear? Is your fear centered on a place or a person? Are you more likely to be fearful at a particular time of day? Once you have specifically define your fear, you'll be much more likely to overcome it so you can get motivated tomorrow.
2. Develop a new thinking pattern. This may require the help of a friend or even a professional. Try to convince yourself that the fear is not there. Train your brain to ignore the fear. When confronted with the fear, instead of running from it, change your mind about the fear. Tell yourself you're not afraid and you won't be. Think positive. You can do it. You have the ability to conquer this fear and emerge as a strong, motivated person.

3. Avoid the fear. This does not mean run away and hide from the fear. This means that if there's a specific fear associated with something you have to do, maybe you should do something different. If it is preventing you from doing what you want, because you're too afraid, maybe you should reconsider. Is that really what you want? Is it going to be worth the fear and frustration to complete whatever it is you want to do?
4. Face the fear. Sometimes the best way to confront your fear is to do just that- face them. If you're afraid of speaking to a large group of people, take a public speaking class to force yourself to do it. If you fear heights, go skydiving until you don't mind heights any longer. Sometimes you must face the fear several times before you are no longer are afraid of it. But eventually, your fear will dissipate and you will be free to be motivated.
5. Get a therapist. A professional may be able to help you get rid of your fear. Sometimes our fears cover up deeper feelings or anxieties. A therapist may be able to help you discover why you fear your fear, and help you move on past your fear.
6. Use anger to your benefit. Sometimes fear turns into anger. If you experience this phenomenon, use your anger that you have because of your fear to turn it into courage. By changing bad stress into good, motivated energy, you will be able to confront your fears much more easily.
7. Use visualization. Many people find that visualizing their fear can help them get rid of it. You can use comforting visualization (you comfort the fear out of you), hero visualization (a "hero" kicks the fear out of you), or shrinking visualization (you shrink the fear down to something insignificant). Here's how it's done:
 Find a quiet place where you can be free from distractions.
 Imagine your scenario and go over it until you're satisfied with what you've imagined.
 Talk to your fear from the perspective above.
 Continue your scenario regularly until you've conquered the fear.
 Challenge yourself by moving to more high-pressure situations until you have conquered your fear.

Confronting your fears can be very difficult. But you'll find that once you've eliminated the fear in your life, it's much easier to be a productive, motivated person.

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