How to help others become better by being better yourself

Sometimes it can be frustrating to look at people around you and see the potential that they have to become better. There are a lot of ways to help people better themselves without chiding them or nagging them! In fact, one of the best ways to help others become better is by becoming better yourself! You can motivate people to improve themselves and better their lives by giving them a role model to follow - YOU! Here are some ways that you can help others become better by being better yourself:

 Showing patience: You can help people to become more patient by showing patience yourself. Having a patient attitude, especially in difficult situations, will really help others to realize the importance and virtue of patience! The people who are requiring you to exert patience will especially appreciate your patient attitude, and they will be more likely to show patience to others as a result.

 Forgiveness: When you are willing to forgive other people, you are setting a great example for others to follow! People feel more prone to forgiving those who have offended them when they have been forgiven by others! You can help people become willing to forgive by setting the example and being forgiving yourself! This is a great way to help others become better by being better yourself and taking the initiative to forgive!

 Diligence: Another great way that you can help others to become better is by being a diligent and hardworking person. If you need a project to get finished, especially a group project, you can be diligent and hardworking all throughout the event. The other people that work with you will see your diligence and hard work, which can help them to better themselves and exert the same amount of diligence. However, even if the people don't being to work hard with you right away, don't be discouraged. Your good example should eventually prick their conscience, and they will feel the desire to better themselves and be more like you!

 Courage: Sometimes it can be scary to do things that are different and potentially difficult. You can help other people to overcome these fears by showing courage and stepping up to the plate! Showing courage yourself is a great way to help instill courage in other people! This way others can help better themselves by following your example. In the instance of showing courage, people will often wait for other people to show courage before they will be able to muster up the courage that they need. Be that courageous person and help others to be brave too!

 Love: Love is a very contagious thing. Once you show love to a person, they will take that love and show it to other people! By being a loving person, you will be able to help those you love better themselves, for they will have love in return! Wouldn't the world be a different place if everyone just bettered themselves with love?

As you can see, there are many ways that you can help people better themselves by your good example. Sometimes it can be a lot of work to try and help people to improve. Remember, though, that you are also trying to better yourself while you set a good example for others. No one is perfect, and by sincerely working to better yourself, you will be able to motivate other people. Remember to not have a condescending and "I'm better than you" attitude, so that people will find you to be sincere. By exhibiting the characteristics described above, you will show others how they can work on these same characteristics and the world will become a better place!

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