How to improve your kids' math skills

The most important time for children to do well in school is while they are still young. If they do well while they are young they will develop a great foundation to support them during the rest of the time they have in school. Learning to study and understand different subjects that are taught are important skills they will need their entire lives. If they do not learn good study habits and learn to understand different subjects now they will develop habits that will be hard to overcome later.

One subject that is especially important for children to understand is math. Math is a subject that they will have to take every year of school until they get to college. Even then there are required math classes. The thing about math that is important to realize is that your child will be taking it for a very long time and every year it is going to get a little bit harder and a little bit harder. If they do not learn the basics now they will struggle from here on out because they will not have a foundation to build on. There are three ways in which you can help your child's math skills improve. These are through hands on, on paper and practical applications.

Helping your kid learn math through hands on application-

Hands on applications of math would be helping your child learn math by using blocks, toys or something of the sort. If is showing them visually how to add, subtract etc. If they do not learn to visualize what they are doing then math will just be a bunch of memorized facts for them. They have to be able to see the addition and subtraction etc. and it will help them to understand it better. It is like teaching someone a new card game. If you tell them the rules straight out they will be a little confused probably. Your instructions are just a bunch of memorized words until you actually start playing the game and those instructions are applied. Once they can visualize how the game goes, your instructions make much more sense.

Helping your kid learn math on paper-

Helping your kid learn math on paper would just be helping them with their assignments. They need to learn to not only visualize their math application but also to work out the problems with out having to use objects. Assignments are a good way to learn the math because of the repetition they involve. The more your child works out problems the better they will become at it. To truly help your child this may mean that you go over problems that are not assigned or you study example of problems that have already been done. The more they do, the better they will become at it.

Helping your kid learn math through practical application-

Another important thing to do is to help them learn math through everyday application. They need to see the importance of doing the math and see how often math is really used in every day life. This would mean that you ask your child to count things out for you. Maybe you are at the grocery store and you need fifteen apples. You could have your child count them out for you. Maybe you are at home and you are cooking, you could have your child help you measure things and pour them in. There are many everyday applications that can be looked for and applied so that you child learns math in a practical way. It helps so that her or she does not just view it as a school subject that they need to memorize and do well in so that they can ear a good grade.

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