Keys to effective self motivation

Are you un-motivated? Do you need the keys to effective self motivation? Motivation is something that we all want. Motivation can help us become more successful in our personal lives, in our work, at school, in our relationships, as well as many other aspects of our lives. Motivation is what helps us lose those extra five pounds, start up a business, or work on organizing the home office. If you're normal, you make a lot of goals and have a lot of really good intentions, but about two days later, they're already nothing more than a guilty memory as you slide right back into your old habits. It seems like motivation is one of the hardest things out there to actually get and keep. Well, today is your lucky day because it is possible to become effectively self motivated. Here are some tips and keys on how you too can become motivated and get those things done that you've always wanted to do, but were never quite motivated enough.

Experts break motivation into two different types of motivation: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Let's give an example of extrinsic motivation first. Extrinsic motivations are things outside of you that motivate you to do something-you go to work because you want the paycheck at the end of the month, for example. You exercise because you want your body to look a certain way. A good way to get extrinsically motivated is to set up awards or prizes for yourself. This acts as an effective way to motivate yourself to do something, if that works for you. For example, you can promise yourself that if you lose five pounds, you can go splurge on that pair of designer jeans that you really want. Or if you reach a certain goal at work, you can take a day off and go to a day spa or go golfing or something along those lines. The only way that these awards will work as extrinsic motivators, however, is if you don't cheat and go ahead and do them anyway, and if you continually work towards them instead of deciding that they don't quite matter that much.

Intrinsic motivators are motivating forces that come from within you. Examples of intrinsic motivators would be increased confidence, increased feelings of self worth, and increased self esteem as you work towards accomplishing a certain goal and achieving certain things. Some other intrinsic motivators are a desire to perform according to a certain standard, social, religious, or even academic. Another intrinsic motivator can be feelings of guilt, or feelings of pride and accomplishment. Both of these feelings can drive you to change the way that you do things and how you live.

There are three important keys to effective self motivation that stem from both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. Here's what those keys to effective self motivation are.

1. Love what you do.
Do you like your job? Do you enjoy going to work each day? Do you like the things that you do at work? Do you enjoy the environment? Disliking your work not only has a negative effect on your motivation to do a good job, but it can also have a negative effect on your earning potential, since you are not driven to perform well in the workplace. Loving your job doesn't mean that it's never boring, but if you don't like what you're doing, both in terms of work and the way you spend your outside time, you won't be motivated at all.

2. Cut down on clutter.
You might not realize it, but all of those piles of things-papers, junk, mementos, whatever-really bogs you down. It sucks energy right out of you. It's important that you take care of things as soon as they come up, instead of piling them up and thinking that you'll do them later, and then becoming too disheartened to go through a huge pile of stuff a few days or weeks afterwards.

3. Write down your goals.
Write down goals, big and small. If you have big goals, break them down into smaller components so that you can manage each part and you aren't overwhelmed. It's important to have manageable sections of goals, but also to keep the big idea in front of you so you can remember what you're working towards.

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