Learning to think positive

womanthinking19103605.jpgIn a world full of turmoil, failing economies and busier schedules than ever before, it can be difficult, if not almost impossible, to think positive. However, positive thinking is the key to happiness and stability in your life. Rather than having a glass "half empty" a little change in perception can have that glass staying "half full" all the time, and thinking it is half the battle anyway!

What is going right? Even if your day is stressful and you're overwhelmed with terrible pieces playing into your activities, you'll still have things that have gone right for the day. Maybe your socks are different colors, but your pants are long enough to cover them so no one notices? Keep a written list of all the little things that you are grateful for during the day and let yourself feel joy for those things. If you need reminding, you can always look back at your list to know how fortunate you really are.

Is there a silver lining? We've all had an event that looks like disaster turn out to be positive in the end. Even on the darkest days, there is a lesson to be learned and a silver lining on that storm cloud that is raining on you. Look for the opportunities and experiences these cloud bursts give you.

Where is your focus? Do you know where you are headed in life? Are you after a specific goal? Focusing your efforts on the steps to reach your goal, even baby steps each and every day, keeps you moving in the right direction. Let your overall picture help you deal with little things that arise because your attention has settled on the future and how to overcome bigger challenges.

Is it always darkest before the dawn? Positive attitude means you have to start thinking about your challenges as a necessary step to make a breakthrough in your life. Experience is a key piece of who you are. How you see those experiences, whether negative or positive, is up to you.

Is it break time yet? It's ok to take time away from your problems for some fun or relaxation. Use the positive influence of your family and friends to get away from the stresses for a while. Its' hard to not get so wrapped up in what's going on at the moment to see how strong and talented we really are. Refresh your mental state and your outlook on life by stepping away. You may come back to see that mountain you left, is really just a little mole hill now.

What's your body saying about you? Body language often dictates how we respond to a situation, and most definitely will have an effect on how others respond to us. If you're unable to concentrate because you are frustrated or angry, take time out to breathe and refocus. Try to respond to situations when you are calm and have had time to review all the information. If you can't find an outlet to remain calm, you may want to look in to some stress relief activities that can be done in five to ten minutes each day. They may give you the ability to refocus and become more proactive rather than reactive.

Is the messenger to blame? Maintaining a positive view of people around you when you are already having a hard time can be difficult. Just remember that many of those same people care a lot about you and can be a source of positive energy to help you through your challenges. You may not like what you're hearing, but that doesn't mean the person doesn't mean well or have your best intentions at heart. Look for the lesson in the message, and the positive pieces that can come from it.

Is it really that bad? If you expect the worst in people, you'll most certainly find it. President Lincoln once said that and it has always been true. The same is true of your self. If you expect negativity, always put off a negative vibe, people around you will react to you in the same way. Loving and accepting who you are, with your unique talents and knowledge will help your attitude stay positive and draw others to your more favorable side.

You can't please everyone all the time, but realizing early on that negativity doesn't have to rule your life will help you overcome the challenges you face. A positive mental outlook will help you climb higher, stretch further and reach your goals with more confidence and better experiences.

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