Motivation and happiness

Though motivation and happiness are two different words, these two words go hand in hand in life. Motivation leads to a person's happiness. But how does motivation lead to happiness in life? This article discusses the link between a person's motivation and their happiness and how and why a motivated person can find happiness.

What is motivation?

Motivation is a person's aspiration to accomplish a goal. Motivation is also the energy that the person puts toward achieving that goal. Many people have motivation within themselves and this motivation can push them to try and accomplish many things. Motivation helps people to be successful. And motivation helps people to be happy.

What is happiness?

Happiness can mean different things to different people. But in general, happiness is when a person feels joy or pleasure or satisfaction. People find happiness in a variety of things. Happiness can be found in loving someone or something, it can be found in serving someone, and happiness can be found in motivation.

Love what you do

While doing what a person loves to do can help them be motivated and bring them happiness, there are many times in life when people may have to do things that they do not love to do. In fact, there are times when people have to do things that they do not like to do. So that a person can be motivated and happy, many times they will need to learn to love what they do. This can be a difficult task. If a person has a positive attitude and learns to first be satisfied with what they do, they will then begin to like what they do, and that like can grow in to love. When a person loves what they do they will be more motivated in life and that will bring them happiness.

Be thankful

Generally thankful people are very motivated in life, and therefore they are happy people. When people are grateful for what they have they will be motivated to do things in life and the motivation they have will help them be happy. A person can work on being grateful by making a list of all of the things that they have and that they are thankful for. This may be easy or it may be difficult depending on the person. But, no matter how easy or difficult it is, if a person takes a few minutes each day to write down ten things they are thankful for they will become a more thankful, motivated, and happier person.

Be positive

A positive person is better able to be motivated and happy. Negativity halts motivation, progression, and happiness in a person's life. Negativity tends to consume people. A person needs to learn to think positive thoughts even when times get tough. They need not focus on their troubles and worries. This will lead them to more stress and depression. It is close to impossible for a person to be motivated when they are depressed. And they certainly will not be a happy person when they are depressed and not motivated.

There are many people who are motivated by happiness. When a person is motivated by happiness they are likely to experience a fulfilling life. They will be motivated to continuously work for things that will make them happy. Motivation inspires people to progress and progression will help to make people happy, especially if they working toward things that make them happy.

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