Reducing stress to improve motivation

stressedwoman16009389.jpgStress is a part of everyone's life and running from is not an option. While some stress is good to have, too much of it can actually threaten your health. It is always there. Finding ways to reduce your stress can add to your stress and make you feel frustrated. When you feel frustrated you often will find yourself procrastinating on things you need to get accomplished. Frustration will also lead to you losing your motivation. Once you lose your motivation, it is hard to start back up again. Use some of the tips and examples listed below to help you to reduce your stress.

Start reducing your stress by listing your tasks you need to complete. You can list them according to what needs to be done by importance for the day or you can list them according to what you need to accomplish within the next month. As you start working on your task, you may end up having other items come to mind you want to do. Be sure to include those with your current list and work towards completing them. Once you make your list, display it somewhere you can see it daily. When your mind can see what you want to accomplish on a daily basis, your mind will constantly remind you what you need to be doing.

Keep a journal about what you are living day to day. Your life may be stressful in your job and personal life and you can't find the balance in between. Journaling your feelings and what you have accomplished for the day or even failed out will give you something to look back on and remind yourself how you got thru the stressful times. When you write it down, you will be able to put your feelings out on paper and you will find a sense of relief in your daily life and the burden will be lifted off your shoulders. While journaling you can also set goals of what you want accomplished in certain time frames. Setting goals and seeing what you wrote down will lower your stress level and you will be able to focus on one at a time and find your motivation.

Exercise is a great way to open your mind and release inner stress that you have. When you exercise, you work up a sweat that will release toxins within your body. When you are able to release these toxins you will notice your stress level lower. Exercise will also help you to focus more on yourself and less on the stress that is in your life. Plus, you will be able to get back into shape and you will feel better physically which will help you mentally. Don't let finding the time to exercise become one of your stresses. Set a goal to when you are going to work and set a goal. Setting a goal will help lower your stress and will give you motivation to meet your goal.

Confide in someone you trust with your stress. Being able to confined in someone and talk about your stress can give a person great relief and will help get you motivated to accomplish your stress. Be sure that the person you are talking to will listen and possibly be willing to give you some advice. They may even be able to help you with what stress you have. If you have stress about doing some remodeling in your home, ask a friend or family member to come over and help you. Having a support system that will be there for you will help you to lower your stress and keep you motivated and end procrastination.

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