Responding to pressure positively

Everyone experiences pressure in their daily lives. There are pressures at work from deadlines and bosses and there are pressures at home from kids and household chores. There are pressures from creditors and pressures we put on ourselves. Just talking about all of the different places where people experience pressure is enough to elevate one's blood pressure. So how can a person respond to pressure positively? Here are a few tips and suggestions.

1. Remember priorities

Probably the most important thing people can do to manage pressure and stress is to really prioritize. What are the most important things in life? How does each of these pressures really impact the most important things? Hopefully, for most people the number one priority is family. Husbands, wives, and children are really the reasons most people go to work, pay bills, own a home, etc.

It is much easier to look at the gas bill and smile when we remember that paying that bill keeps our kids warm at night. It is easy to accept deadlines and criticism at work when we remember that we are working to take care of our family. So one way to respond positively to pressure is to remember that family is really the most important thing and all of these other pressures occur because we are trying to take care of our family.

2. Stress release

Everyone should take several minutes throughout the day to practice some stress release. Sometimes work can become all encompassing and the pressure is just too much. People need to force themselves to take breaks. Taking a break doesn't mean sitting at the same desk staring at the same computer screen. Taking a break means leaving the "pressure area". Getting outside for a quick walk around the building, walking down the hall and looking out the window, or just getting away for a few minutes is very important.

It is also important to make time each day for something enjoyable and relaxing. Activities like reading, cooking, or other hobbies can help people unwind. For some people unwinding happens best through exercise. Jogging, swimming, biking, or walking does wonders to reduce stress and help people respond positively to pressure. People need to make time during the day to release stress because it can really help them respond positively to pressure.

3. Health

Probably one of the most important things to help people respond positively to pressure is to maintain good health by sleeping enough and eating healthy. Running around in stressful circumstances without enough sleep is terrible. Not only does it ruin a person's health, but it also makes people react poorly to pressure. It is much easier to fly off the handle and to react emotionally to pressure when we are overly tired. It is also harder to perform well at work, school, or in life in general when we are running on empty. Being sure to get enough sleep is imperative for responding positively to pressure.

Another health issue that will help people respond positively to pressure is eating healthy. People who skip meals will not have enough energy to perform well throughout the day. They won't think clearly, and they won't respond well to pressure. Not only do people need to eat enough, but they also need to eat healthful foods. Good health should be right up there next to family in a person's schema of priorities. Good health has as much of an influence on responding well to pressure as anything else.

Overall these three suggestions may seem like the basics, but to really respond well to pressure people need to keep these items in check. Keeping priorities straight, releasing stress, and maintaining good health will go a long ways towards helping people respond well to pressure.

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