Rewards versus punishments when it comes to motivation

Rewards versus punishments when it comes to motivation
There are many different ways to motivate people. Two ways to motivate people is through rewards and punishment. Here are some pros and cons in using rewards versus punishment when it comes to motivation.
The first pro in using rewards verses punishment when it comes to motivation is to ask yourself the question will it make people feel like they are actually appreciated in the work they do. When people feel like they are appreciated they will be more motivated to go the extra mile the next time if they know that they will receive rewards from it. People like to be rewarded for a job well done. Most people when punished for doing something are usually less motivated the next time. For example say a person works really hard to meet a job deadline. If that person is rewarded by being praised that person is going to feel like they did a job well done and will be excited and more motivated to start the next project because they know that it will not go unnoticed. On the other hand if a person goes the extra mile and a person does not give rewards but instead gives punishment by pointing out everything that is wrong with it and pointing out what needs to be changed the person is going to less likely be less motivated to do another project and even might put off their next project because they are lacking when it comes to motivation.

The first con in using rewards versus punishments when it comes to motivation is that people might not get motivated until they are punished instead of rewarded. For example if some one has done a project and is always praised they might not be motivated because they know that no matter what they it will be reward. Sometimes if people are punished by having some one micro manage it helps them to be more motivated to show he person that is being micromanaging what they can do without being micro managed. There is a time though that if that person is overly punished that they might give up and not want to be motivated anymore because they will realize that no matter what their work is never good enough.
The second pro in using rewards versus punishments when it comes to motivation is that people will appreciate the rewards. Taking notice when a person has done a good job or played a good game will help motivate them to try just a little harder next time. For example if you are couching little league reward them for their motivation after each game and point out the job well done. But on the other hand if you are couching a teenager team you might want to give a little more punishment after games by pointing out some of the things they did wrong and things that can be worked on at the next practice. Also point out what they did well and give them rewards for their motivation. Giving some rewards and punishment will help when it comes to motivation.

Theses are a couple of pros and cons in rewards versus punishments when it comes to motivation. Depending on the situation rewards can motivate or punishment can motivate you just have to make sure to get the right one needed. Because if you punish some one because you think that it is going to motivate them it might turn out that they need rewards and all you have done by punishing them is to make them less motivated. So make sure to know the effects when it comes to rewards versus punishments when it comes to motivation.

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