Tips to get motivated to clean house

Keeping a clean house is important to your sanity, health, etc. but it can be hard to get motivated to clean house. The following are tips for getting motivated to clean house:

1. Have your house be temporary dirty. This means that your house should never be so messy that it takes you forever to clean it. Keep the one hour rule in mind. If your house takes more than an hour to get in decent cleaning condition, then it is not temporarily dirty. Temporarily dirty means one meal's dishes in the sink, regular wear and tear and mess, not built up mess. If your house is only temporarily dirty then you will be more motivated to clean it. It will not be such an insurmountable task.

2. Reduce and simplify. If you want to get motivated to clean house you should reduce and simplify. It is when mess builds up and clutter builds that it becomes hard to get motivated to clean your house. So, a big tip to get motivated is to get rid of all the unnecessary items in your home that cause mess. If your child has too many toys, and they are always a mess, then pack away half of them. If you have too many kitchen gadgets, and your cupboards are cluttered, get rid of ones you don't use, have a yard sale!
3. Clean as you go. One of the best ways to get motivated to clean your house is to clean as you go. If every time you get something out, you put it away after, then cleaning is mopping, dusting, and scrubbing toilets, not folding clothes, and picking up mess. This will mean it will take you less time, and be les difficult to clean your house, and thus being motivated to clean is easier.
4. Get organized. If everything has a specific place, then cleaning your house is not hard, it is simply a matter of putting things where they go. It is when you have too much stuff, or do not know where things go that getting motivated to clean becomes impossible or dreadful. So, get organized and you will get motivated.
5. Set time aside. If you set a certain amount of time aside each day to clean your house, then you will not feel like you spend your whole life and all of your free time cleaning. Do a five minute pick up before you leave your house, and each night spend a half and hour tiding up after the long day. This time devoted to cleaning up your house will become routine, and will not feel like a burden or a chore, and will not require special motivation because it will be rewarding enough to have a clean house.
6. Enlist help. If the task is too far beyond help, and you are having a hard time getting motivated to clean your house because the mess has built up for so long, then you need to enlist some help. Get your mother, mother-in-law, husband, or children to pitch in. Hire a cleaning service to do the bathrooms, floors, etc. and start with a clean slate. If you can get it totally clean once, then keeping it clean will be easier, and being motivated to clean it will be easier because it is not such a big overwhelming job.
7. Relax after. If you clean your whole house then don't enjoy it some after, you will have a hard time being motivated to clean in the future. So, clean then enjoy!

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