What is the motivation process, and how can learning about it help you

What is the motivational process?
The motivational process is the steps that you take to get motivated. It is a process, that when followed produces incredible results. It is amazing what you can do if you are properly motivated, and getting properly motivated is a matter of following the motivational process. Like any other process it takes a little work and foresight and planning on your part. However, the return on your investment of time is significant, and it is important when needing extra motivation that you apply the motivational process.

The motivational process is:
1. Determining what you want to be motivated to do or accomplish. This is a specific goal in a very specific area of your life. The motivational process is not best for general motivation, but does wonders when you need to get motivated to do a specific task, or reach a specific goal.
2. Making up the steps to get to your determined goal, little by little. These are the little things you need to do, like read your goals each morning. This is an important part of the motivational process because this is the part that breaks the task up in to manageable and convenient sized pieces. When you look at the task at hand in little, manageable segments, it does not seem as overwhelming, and thus it is easier to get motivated, and to stay motivated.

3. Removing your distractions so that you stay motivated. This is key to the motivational process. Getting motivated does little good if you can't stay motivated, so this part of the process is the part where you remove the things the ruin your ability to stay focused and stay motivated.

How can learning about the motivational process help you?
By learning about the motivational process, you learn how to apply it to your own life. You recognize the steps to get motivated so you can apply it to the situations and parts of your life that need motivation.

By learning about and how to apply the motivational process to your life you become much more successful in all areas and all endeavors of your life. For example:

 When you learn about the motivational process and apply it to getting motivated to be more kind, you make efforts, you widen your circle of friendship, and you will have better, longer lasting friendships.
 When you learn about the motivational process and apply it to getting motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, you do the little things that it takes to get healthier, you drink more water, eliminate the bad foods, get enough sleep, exercise, regularly etc. This in turn helps you to have increased energy, and more of an ability to accomplish other goals.
 When you learn about the motivational process and apply it to getting motivated to work harder, you become more efficient and you end up doing the things required to get promotions, and get a raise at work. You will make more money, be happy about your job, and have a more rewarding and successful career.

The motivational process is a great way to not just get motivated, but also stay motivated to accomplish your goals, and to become a better person. When you use the motivational process you begin to find that getting motivated to do things that once seemed hard is much easier, and staying motivated to stick with things until you are finished, is a breeze. So, learn all that you can about the motivational process, and apply it to your life in every situation that you have the requires an extra boost of motivation.

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