Appreciation in relationships

When you do not show appreciation in relationships you run into trouble. Why? Well appreciation is one of the best expressions of love and caring. It is especially important in a marriage or romantic relationship to show appreciation to your partner.

If you do not show appreciation you will find your partner asking questions like: Did I do everything wrong? Did I only do wrong in your eyes? Do I only trouble you? Don't you love me? Was I bad? What can I do better? If you do not show appreciation, then one of the only things you show is blame. Your partner will have thoughts that hammer their mind like those shown before. When you neglect appreciation relationships start to deteriorate and in the place of what used to be love you will find faults, blame, and problem after problem.

If you are in the habit of only showing appreciation sometimes, and not other times you will be giving your partner an excuse to hate the relationship. This is emotional abuse made to drive a sensible person lunatic.

So, let's talk about how important appreciation is in a relationship. The following are reasons you should show appreciation and how to do so:

  1. Show you appreciation by verbally expressing it. When your partner, friend, or whomever does something kind, nice, or thoughtful, be sure to express appreciation. Say, "Thanks so much." Or, "That sure meant a lot to me." Or, "Thank you." Or, "I really appreciated that." Verbal expression is one of the best forms of appreciation because it does not have to be discovered, or figured out, it is straight forward, and it is clear. You are telling someone you appreciate them, and in doing so you are showing them that you actually do value them and that they make a difference in your life. This makes your relationship grow stronger.
  2. Show you appreciation. Things like a smile after a gift, or a dinner, savoring a spoonful of delicious food someone prepared for you, etc. makes that person feel good. You can show your appreciation without words, and it is important to do so. Because these little expressions of appreciation show that you do appreciate their efforts, that you do not just expect them or assume they will do it, but that you know they are going out of their way for you and doing something because they love you.
  3. A great way to show your appreciation is to do something kind in return. If someone brings you a plate of food, return the plate with cookies on it. You do not even have to say thanks, you can just return the plate and the gratitude will be known. This shows your gratitude for what they did for you along with a kind gesture back. This is a great way to not just strengthen but build good relationships.

Relationships with appreciation shown regularly last longer, are stronger, and more enjoyable to be apart of then ones where appreciation is assumed, or where it is neglected to be expressed. When appreciation is neglected to be expressed, people start to assume that deeds are expected and the joy of serving others is lost. So, show your appreciation and ask that your partner, friend, etc. show appreciation in return.

If you learn to show and accept appreciation appropriately you will find an improvement in your relationship and a natural tendency to love each other more, be more intimate, and have a better relationship all together.

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